Wednesday, April 11, 2012

GM: "Why, of course that explosion at the Volt battery lab is completely unrelated to the Volt battery!"

Why would anyone think that today's explosion at GM's Volt battery lab is at all related to the Volt? Or its battery, you buncha nasty wingers!

I mean, haven't GM's engineers already solved all of the problems with exploding batteries, melting power cords, and suspicious fires?

Two employees were injured Wednesday in a lithium battery explosion that forced the evacuation of about 80 other employees at a General Motors facility north of Detroit, the Associated Press reports.

The explosion at the Alternative Energy Center laboratory at the GM Tech Center in Warren, Mich., also caused a small fire that was quickly extinguished. One worker was taken to a hospital, and the other was treated at the scene.

The Tech Center, a sprawling 1950s-era campus, is home to the battery laboratory for the Chevrolet Volt electric car, but GM said in a statement that the explosion was "unrelated to the Chevrolet Volt or any other production vehicle," according to the AP. "The incident was related to extreme testing on a prototype battery," the automaker said in its statement...
Just roll Charlie around on the ground for a while.

He'll be okay.

Walk it off, Charlie. Walk it off.

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