Monday, April 02, 2012

Larwyn's Linx: Cardinal Dolan: Obama's Actions Are Radical, Unprecedented

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Cardinal Dolan: Obama's Actions Are Radical, Unprecedented: GWP
Major Obama Campaign Donor Accused of Fraud: JWF
President Liar, Year One 2008-2009: CFP

American Bolsheviks: The Second Act: NoisyRm
Obama's Golf Season Has Begun: Dossier
Figures: Big Sis Warned Us About Men in Hoodies: GWP

Americans are worried about the Constitution again: Barone
Neighbor: Zimmerman banged up bad and wearing bandages: Scoop
FBI removes 876 pages of CT training deemed 'offensive': WZ


WI Teachers Unions Trained by Radical Alinsky Group: Breitbart
All Detroit School Kids to Get Free Meals: S&L
Fast Forward Through Fiat's Fantastic Fabrications: ZH

A Followup On Those Tax Cheat Bills: Instapundit
Tom Harkin's Idiocy Could Cost Americans 500,000 Jobs: Beacon
Marxist Jan Schakowsky Joins the 'Lynch Mob': Breitbart

2012 Elections

Afterburner: Despair: Whittle
Another top Obama campaign donor accused of fraud: SFgate
Got Fooled?: RightMove

Climate & Energy

Kari Mari Norgaard is the Face: Danegerus
Look Who’s Jet-Setting on the Taxpayer Dime This Week: CDN
EPA Backpedals on Fracking Contamination - Third Recent Setback on Drilling for Agency: WSJ


Five Stages of Obamacare: Surber
Mark Levin talks With a Soviet Union Refugee: Nice Deb
Send Better Witnesses: JOM

Is the media ever going to ask ‘Lefty Dream Boat’ Van Jones about Freedom Fighter Music?: Patterico
It Is Not Often One Locates An Oversight In Professor Jacobson’s Reasoning: RSM
NPR's Diane Rehm Denounces House GOP Wasting 'Precious Time' on the Paul Ryan Budget: NB

New York Times' Richard Thaler Savagely Attacks Obama: Moe Lane
NYT’s Friedman Says GOP No Longer A Conservative Party, It Has “Become A Radical Party”: WZ
CBS supplies more fuel to the Trayvon Inferno: Ace


Christian Blood on Obama's Hands: Sultan Knish
Canadian Islamic Bookstores Urge Muslim to Overthrow the West: Atlas
Russian Plane Crash Kills 31 in Siberia: BBC

Medvedev: Working with comrade Obama has been the ‘best three years’ for U.S.-Russian relations: Hot Air
Grand Mufti Wants to Destroy All Churches in Arabia & President Obama Is Silent: Sentinel
NRA Warning About UN Push for Elimination of Our Second Amendment: Sentinel

HUGE: Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood Reverses Course, Announces Candidate They Will Run For President: WZ
In Sinai, militant Islam flourishes - quietly: Reuters
Details emerge about bin Laden's other residences: AP

Obama’s Flexibility Doctrine: Krauthammer
The unknown man, and the blind Pope: Fausta
Wegman's Joins the Sharia Movement: Atlas


Developer Defends 'Girls Around Me' App: CNet
Navy: We’re 4 Years Away From Laser Guns on Ships: Wired
Up to 1.5M Credit Card Numbers Stolen From Global Payments: CNet


Warning: Not an April Fool's Joke: MOTUS
Man lives with his planes and guns in Utah desert 'man cave': Blaze
Report: Saints bounty players could face criminal charges: USA Today

Image: Not What I Wanted to Hear
Today's Larwyn's Linx sponsored by: Rick Santorum for President

QOTD: “On all these issues, but particularly missile defense, this can be solved, but it’s important for him to give me space. . . . This is my last election. After my election, I have more flexibility.” — Barack Obama to Dmitry Medvedev, March 26

"You don’t often hear an American president secretly (he thinks) assuring foreign leaders that concessions are coming their way, but that they must wait because he’s seeking reelection and he dare not tell his own people." --Charles Krauthammer

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