Thursday, April 12, 2012

Crappy Career Choice o' the Day: North Korean Rocket Scientist

Two words to describe North Korea's vaunted multi-stage rocket launch, which lasted all of about 90 seconds. Epic. Fail.

North Korea's attempt Friday to launch a long-range rocket has failed, according to U.S. officials. A senior U.S. official who is receiving updates from U.S. military launch observers tells Fox News the rocket broke apart between 90 seconds and 2 minutes after launching.

In Pyongyang, there was no word about a launch, and state television was broadcasting video for popular folk tunes. North Korean officials said they would make an announcement about the launch "soon."

North Korea had earlier announced it would send a three-stage rocket mounted with a satellite as part of celebrations honoring national founder Kim Il Sung, whose 100th birthday is being celebrated Sunday.

For those DPRK scientists who survive the purge, I predict a long and painful stint in a "re-education" camp.

You know, the kind that Barack Obama and his pal Bill Ayers would like to throw regular Americans in, if they had the power.

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