Saturday, May 05, 2012

Excellent news: 23 bodies discovered either hanging from bridges or decapitated in "secure as it's ever been" border area

Remember how Janet Napolitano, our beloved baritone DHS secretary, claimed that the border area was "as secure as it's ever been", even though the Obama administration halted construction of a security fence?

Well, citizens, don't worry when you read about the complete breakdown of society right on the border, as our ultra-secure, but non-existent, border fence will protect us. Somehow. Because Nappy's on the case.

The bodies of 23 people were found hanging from a bridge or decapitated and dumped near city hall Friday in the border city of Nuevo Laredo, where drug cartels are fighting a bloody and escalating turf war.

Authorities found nine of the victims, including four women, hanging from an overpass leading to a main highway, said a Tamaulipas state official who spoke on condition of anonymity because he was not authorized to provide information on the case.

Hours later, police found 14 human heads inside coolers outside city hall along with a threatening note. The 14 bodies were found in black plastic bags inside a car abandoned near an international bridge, the official said.

...Local media published photos of the nine bloodied bodies, some with duct tape wrapped around their faces, hanging from the overpass along with a message threatening the Gulf cartel...

...[In 2003, k]illings and police corruption became so brazen that then President Vicente Fox was forced to send in hundreds of troops and federal agents, and the only man brave enough to take the job of police chief was gunned down hours after he was sworn in... The Zetas won that fight and have since ruled the city with fear, threatening police, reporters and city officials and extorting money from businesses. They broke off their alliance with the Gulf cartel in 2010, worsening the violence across northeast Mexico.

But last month, 14 mutilated bodies were found in a vehicle left in the city center. Some media outlets reported that the Sinaloa cartel took responsibility for those bodies and in a message allegedly signed by its leader, Guzman, said the group was now back in Nuevo Laredo "to clean" the city.

The Democrat Party's quest to buy votes among illegal aliens trumps any concern over the security of American citizens.

And that, my friends, is why the border area is wide open, despite the ongoing, narco-fueled civil war occurring just a few dozen yards south of our border.

Bridge photo: Borderland Beat (Caution: graphic photos).


Anonymous said...

Does Directorblue know that Nuevo Laredo is not on our side of the border? Perhaps he expects Democrats to go running into a sovereign country on the auspices of preventing terrorism?

Oh wait, that was the Republicans that put all our soldiers over in Iraq and Afghanistan, instead of on our border to protect us. Not that Obama has changed policy or priorities at all either...

Anonymous said...

These are the narco-gangs that Barry armed with thousands of weapons. And didn't Barry just pull National Guard units away from the border?

Nice - a wide open border for more DemocRAT voters to come north and vote for the biggest RAT of all.

directorblue said...

@anon at 6:04pm.

Hey, schmuck, do you read the news? Do you know where Nuevo Laredo is?

Or are you just a pathetic drone, so committed to policies of destruction that you can't see the forest for the trees?

That's a rhetorical question, drone.

Trialdog said...

Hey, Anonymous, check it out.
Those 14 decapiated heads and bodies; guess what?
The narcos that do these things leave cards. On the cards, the perpetrators brag and threaten. Well, the 14 were tortured and decapitated by El Chapo's organization. Do you know who they are Anonymous? They are the Sinaloa cartel. Ring any bells with you? They are Eric Holder's gun running partners. Yep, these are the people Eric Holder and his sycophant anti-2nd Amendment agents ran guns to in order to increaase the violence in Mexico.
And you should learn to be informed. If you think Eric Holder's partners in gun running only do this sort of thing occasionally, you are mistaken.
If you are going to troll here, please be informed, and not your typical ignorant leftist drone.

Anonymous said...

Dear Anonymous....ya need to really get your head out of Obama's a** and understand his policies are killing not only mexicans, but also americans....damn, join the army or something....get educated to the destruction this socialist in chief is putting on the American people....