Saturday, May 05, 2012

Larwyn's Linx: The Life of Zachary

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The Life of Zachary: City Journal
Economy Craters, Unemployment Soars, Obama Seeks Scapegoats: RSM
Obama meets his nemesis: AT

Obama Abolishes the Press Conference: Dossier
Dance around the May prole: JPA
Occupy Oakland May Day General Strike: Zombie


Jobless numbers down to 8.1% but almost no one believes it: Q&O
Why Did the Unemployment Rate Drop?: WSJ
Impending Market Dislocation? (PNSN): Denninger

Four Years of Obama Undoes Eight Years of Reagan: Ricochet
Forward to the Fiscal Cliff!: Beacon
71% of Top Companies To Drop Insurance Under ObamaCare: AllAm

California: “the ninth circle of business hell.”: Troglo
Common Cause: Uncommon Donors, Including Corzine: Beacon
The Crashing US Housing Metro Areas: DHB

2012 Elections

New mailer from 'Young Guns' backs Lugar, touts Ethanol: Breitbart
Santorum Endorses Mourdock: Malkin
Romney Slams Obama Over Disastrous April Jobs Report: AmPower

The Obama Campaign Organization: All Fumbles. No Spark.: Elephant
From ‘hope and change’ to ‘hype and blame’: RS
Lugar Flailing: Insults Republicans, Cites Labor Support In Latest Plea To Stay In DC: Riehl

Scandal Central

Holder is a Great Holder of Documents: DC
Game on, Mr. Holder: Fast and Furious Isn't Going Away: AT
Time for Eric Holder to Follow the Law: DC

Climate & Energy

Federal Agencies Out of Control: Quick Roundup: Cato
Heartland Institute Ends Experiment with 'Unabomber’ Global Warming Billboard: Heartland
The EPA is earning a reputation for abuse: WaPo


Figures: Bin Laden Liked CBS & MSNBC, Loathed Fox: S&L
MSNBC rips Obama's #Julia ad: Exam
Best of #Julia Responses: Alexa

Occupy Cute Puppies!: Cube
Paul Krugman, wrong yet again about income inequality: Peth
New Details from Edwards trial make Silky Pony look like a manipulative low-life: Insider

Decolonize Oakland May Day Occupy Rally: Zombie
Number of Americans Paid Not to Work Growing Faster than Number of Taxpayers: Breitbart
New All American Radio: Doug Ross Talks Bad Blue and Stacy Washington Talks Race and Politics: AllAm


More on #Chen: Fausta
Somebody at NATO Needs a Geography Lesson: Powers
The Euro Area Economy Is Deteriorating At A Disastrous Pace: Insider

Former AG Mukasey: Obama Officials Drafted Memo to Blame Military If OBL Mission Failed: GWP
Huge Victory! SIOG, Human Rights groups succeed in stopping mega-mosque in Georgia: Atlas
Newest Navy Ship To Be Named, USS Time Limited, Scope Limited Military Action: Ace


Study Reveals Joggers Live 5 Years Longer: Wired
F-22 Pilots to Discuss Why They Won’t Fly the Jet: DefTech
Samsung Galaxy S3 review: Telegraph


Julia's Circle of Life: IowaHawk
MittStache Caption Contest: Morlock
Big Guy’s Dolls, take 2: Paper, Blowup and “Composite”: MOTUS

When A Narcissist Falls Apart: Flopping Aces
Help Find This Occupying LA Maggot That Assaulted a Female Cop: Sooper
Two Burglars Enter The Home of Two Marines, Coroner Arrives Later: AllAm

Image: Occupy Oakland May Day General Strike (Zombie)
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QOTD: "A contempt of Congress citation targeting Attorney General Eric Holder, which was released on Thursday, details exactly what Operation Fast and Furious-related information he has refused to provide to Congress. House Oversight Committee Chairman Rep. Darrell Issa subpoenaed 22 categories worth of information about Fast and Furious from Holder on Oct. 12, 2011. According to Issa’s contempt of Congress citation draft, he hasn’t provided any documents for 13 out of the 22 categories. In a briefing paper accompanying the Holder contempt citation, Issa said that Holder hasn’t ‘completely fulfilled any of the 10 categories for which documents have been produced." --Matthew Boyle

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