Sunday, July 01, 2012

If Brian Terry had been black, would the Congressional Black Caucus have walked out on the Holder contempt vote?

In a sickening display of partisanship, the Congressional Black Caucus and other Democrats walked out of last week's House vote that found A.G. Eric Holder in Contempt of Congress.

That same day, Chairman of the House Oversight Committee Darrell Issa released secret wiretap applications that prove -- beyond a shadow of a doubt -- that Holder and other DOJ officials committed perjury and executed a cover-up. It is now apparent that the highest levels of Main Justice knew precisely what tactics Fast and Furious employed long before the operation resulted in the murder of Border Patrol agent Brian Terry.

So here is my thought experiment of the day: What if Brian Terry had been black? Would the CBC have walked out on the contempt vote?

It's apparent that the Congressional Black Caucus could care less about the hundreds of Mexicans slaughtered courtesy of Eric Holder's "Fast and Furious".

So how pathetic is it that the CBC -- contrary to the counsel of Martin Luther King, Jr. -- rejects the content of a man's character and focuses only on skin pigmentation?

It's sick, that's what it is.


Anonymous said...

Not hardly. Considering that blacks ONLY want to promote and aggrandize their race, right or wrong, it is not a surprise that they are in unison.
Why is there no "White Caucus" Brown? etc. The whole damn thing is so racist it stinks and quite frankly, I am sick and tired the cry baby tactics used by them every time something does not favor their color.

Anonymous said...

Character is mentioned and reference to MLK is made. The differenec is there isnt an ounce of Character in anyone of them who walked out.

Anonymous said...

It's about time someone asked that question. We all know the answer, though.


Anonymous said...

If Terry had been black he would have been characterized as a " Dark Complected White" or by an "Oreo" description. The walk out was staged by racists trying to protect their own color of power above all else.
Really disgusting in this day and age and unrepresentative of at least 90% of America.

The_Bad said...

Sure must be nice to be able to walk out on your job whenever you don't like it ... and still get paid.

cmblake6 said...

Excellent article! Might just jave to link back to this!

Nahanni said...

The problem is not that Brian was white it is that Holder and Obama are black. Not only are they black but they are Marxists. Take a look at who walked out and then look at who are members of the

It is not the color of the skin that is the most important thing with these people-it is the color of their politics. You think they would have walked out if it had been someone like Alberto Gonzales, Condi Rice or Alan West? No. These people would be screeching for their blood.

The Race Card is a convenient thing for them to hide the color of their politics behind. Unfortunately for them they have jsut about worn out The Race Card.

Robert Janicki said...

I, too, found it interesting that no Hispanic Democrat spoke up about the two hundred plus Mexican nationals that were executed by the Mexican drug cartels with the guns of Fast and Furious, a program initiated at the beginning of the Obama administration in March 2009.

Apparently these dead Mexican nationals did not fit the narrative of the Democrats that it was the Republicans that were on a political witch hunt.

This is the worst administration and political environment I have seen in my lifetime and I have followed politics since I was in 8th grade waaay back in the day.

Doom said...

Oh, they would still have walked out. They lose thousands to inner city crime and abortion every year, they don't mind throwing a few (as many of their own) under the literal bus as it takes.