Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Larwyn's Linx: Let Me Be Perfectly Clear…Barack Obama Is Losing

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Let Me Be Perfectly Clear…Barack Obama Is Losing: RS
Levin: Obama re-election would be ‘national suicide’: DC
NAACP Requires ID to See AG Speak in State DOJ Suing Over ID: Pavlich

Democrat Attack Poodle Wasserman Snider Invested in Swiss Bank: JWF
Jarrett's Bermuda Bank: Beacon
In Obama's Chicago, A Trayvon Martin Every Day: IBD


IRS Gearing Up to Enforce Obamacare Tax: Foundry
USDA Gives Millions to Farmers Who Aren’t Actually Farming: Foundry
Bloomberg Proposes Apartments the Size of Prison Cells: MB

Our Offshoring President: Geraghty
Our Money Is Dying: Martenson
Blue State Utopia: San Bernardino seeks bankruptcy protection: LAT

The Associated Press Embraces Corporatism: Driscoll
A Difference Of Economic Opinion: LoudTalker
Ex-Teachers Union head hit with racketeering, fraud: SunSent

Warning: Obama May Be Intentionally Destroying Our Economy!: RWN
Ex-Obama Bundler Fundraising From Ex-Obama Donors-For Romney: Ace
Nobody Wants To See Paul Krugman Get Discredited and Embarassed To His Face, Do They?: Ace

Scandal Central

Eric Holder's Greatest Hits: CFIF
MO Dem Running for Sec of State Is a 9/11 Truther Who Claimed No Jews Died on 9/11: Nice Deb
Fast and Furious Indictment Unsealed, Issa Questions Timing, Gowdy Doesn’t Suspect Foul Play: Nice Deb

Climate & Energy

Energy Department sneaks offshore moratorium past public: Times
Texas Judge: Atmosphere is protected "Public Trust": Soylent (NSFW)


The Little Blue Book: Quotations from Chairman Lakoff: Zombie
Allen West will not be bullied, thank you very much: Hot Air
John Sununu Laughs at Andrea Mitchell Using Obama's Bogus Romney Outsourcing Claims: NB

President Obama: "Why not name your son Barack?": FAM
Journalists Required To Show IDs at Eric Holder’s Talk On The Evil of IDs: Glob
Jesse Jackson Jr. mystery deepens: Politico

Obama’s Inane Comments To WWL’s Karen Swenson: HayRide
White Liberals Tell Black Americans Who They Can and Can't Like: Breitbart
Confidence in TV news at all-time low: Politico


Report: Obama Regime Set to Close Nine Border Patrol Stations Across Four States: WZ
The Dearborn Mob Video and National Security: WorldThreats
Why the West Loves Lying to Itself About Islam: Sultan Knish

Fervent Liberal Polemicist: Why, This Obama Character Certainly Murders A Lot of Innocents With His Drone Attacks: Ace
The economics of confrontation in Egypt: ATimes
Obama Invites Egypt’s President – Morsi Likely to Seek Freedom for ‘Blind Sheikh’: JPress


General Motors Will Slash Outsourcing In IT Overhaul: InfoWk
Websense adds 'criminal encryption' detection to security gateway: CompWrld
Facebook wants to be your online bank: Fortune


Photo - True: First Pic Ever Posted On The Web Was A Photoshop: Riehl
Super Tax Man Bites Again!: MOTUS
Unfortunate headline/picture placement: C&S

Image: Little Cells For All Those Liberal Worker Bees: NY’s Bloomberg Wants ‘Micro’ Apts Built
Today's Larwyn's Linx sponsored by: Ted Cruz for U.S. Senate

QOTD: "So, just to clarify on the amount of business contracts each candidate has sent to foreign and overseas companies:

President Obama: Almost $29 billion.

Mitt Romney: $0." --Jim Geraghty

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