Friday, July 06, 2012

Larwyn's Linx: Unforced Errors Are Sinking Obama Campaign

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Unforced Errors Are Sinking Obama Campaign: Blumer
More Dems bail on Obama’s convention; refuse to endorse him: Events
One Reason GOP SCOTUS Picks Go Awry: Cato

Obama Talks About Dressing Up Like a Tea Partier: WS
Levin: Axelrod Tweets the Media's March Orders: Nice Deb
Obama's Problem Obeying the Law: AT

John Roberts and the Cloward-Piven Strategy: PJM
'Republicans want more debt' and other propaganda: DLim
Dear Leader: My Signature Health Care Plan Is Here to Stay: LoneCon


Sorry, America, you’re rich enough. Stop working: Peth
Health Savings Accounts Under Attack: RS
Rules Committee 'Emergency' Meeting to Repeal Health Care: NatlJrnl

Jobs Report Unexpectedly! Worse Than Lowered Expectations: Ace
Transparency Ends at the White House Door: FPM
June Non-Farm Payrolls +80,000, Missing Expectations: ZH

Climate & Energy

Utah Suing Federal Government: Ace
Global Warming Blame-ologists Play with Fire: Malkin
Druids Found To Have Drowned Mammoths with Gas-Guzzling Infernal Combustion Engines: Conservatory


Obama Visits Ohio Bar, Suggests They Turn Off Fox News: WZ
Valerie Jarrett Blames FOX News For Class Warfare Rhetoric: RCP
Thought-challenged ThinkProgress: Obamacare is a tax cut, you rubes!: Twitchy

Double Standard Watch: What Can't We Know About Rep. Jesse Jackson, Jr's Condition?: Riehl
To Fix Health Care System, Put Consumers in Charge: Rasmussen
Medical Nightmare Updates: Zilla

Symptoms of a Sick Culture: Goldberg
Obama, Top Aide Jarrett Reflexively Bash Fox News: NB
Kevin Jackson Educates a Drone: NoisyRm


U.N. Wants “Billionaires Tax” To Help World’s Poor, Redistribute $400B In Wealth Annually: WZ
Analyst: Polonium found on Arafat's clothing was planted: JPost
Michael Behenna Loses Final Appeal: BMW


DNS Changer - how not to lose your internet connection on July 9: Sophos
Twitter Engineer: Twitter Search "Set To Change Forever": Insider
Amazon smartphone in development, says Bloomberg: Verge


Top 10 Hottest Conservative Congressmen: Alexa
Barack Obama Born In 1890?: Aces
Art historians claim to find new Caravaggio works: AP

Image: Politico Notes Another Horrific Jobs Report
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QOTD: "Apart from Team Obama’s formidable community organizing skills aimed at demonizing Mitt Romney as a wealthy, compassionless corporate raider, Obama has nothing but lies and scapegoating to run on, given his abysmal record.

Plouffe said that Republicans “want to return us back to the same policies that caused the recession — huge tax cuts for the wealthy, more war, more debt.”

You have to give these people credit for chutzpah and for relentlessly staying on message, as warped as it is." --David Limbaugh

1 comment:

Doom said...

If by unforced you mean not created by opposition, you would be correct. However, incompetence is what it is and is somehow a form of forced error. The only difference between this election cycle and last is that the native forced errors of incompetency go along with the record and are seeing the light of day through alternate media, and Americans are finally taking heed.

If the water had been kept at the slightly increasing-to-a-boil pace, the frog would be happily enjoying it's preparation. Zero actually did conservatives a favor by jacking the heat up, thinking it was time. The question remains, is the frog too cooked already to really escape the boiler? Maybe Zero is right?