Friday, August 03, 2012

Billboard o' the Day: Free Radicals

Via iOwnTheWorld:

Billboard at Exit 355 near Oak Ridge TN on I-40 West in Roane County:

Text at bottom: Join the Roane County Tea Party.

These men were truly unique. They believed in the spiritual power of individual liberty, the immutable desire of man to be free, the sacrosanct concept of private property, and the requirement to restrain government.

Throughout all of human history, governments were instituted by the power-hungry to control and dominate the masses. But these men were different. They designed a system of laws that allowed the people to control and dominate the government.

We call our playbook "the Constitution". And those politicians -- especially the members of the modern Democrat Party -- who take an oath to uphold it and then promptly ignore it, must be obliterated at the ballot box in November.

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