Saturday, August 04, 2012

Bumper sticker o' the day: Reading from the Book of Emanuel

Hat tip: Wanda.

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QueMan said...

You need to do something on this Doug...and what happened to contacting you???

Whats wrong with this headline....?

This is the crap that is being reported on Drudge and the american dumass sheeple don't question....

"Eliminated badminton team wins bronze..."

HUH??? How could a team eliminated during a massive scandal at the olympics win a medal that has been known for several olympics???

Earlier this week in london...the women's teams of china, south korea, and Indonesia were eliminated due to throwing their matches to play less stronger teams in the medals round.

However though the chineses women's team was eliminated some how they found a way to win the olympic bronze in this sport!!! How??? I can't figure it out even from the article...can you ...???

Have a great day!!!