Friday, August 10, 2012

Democrats' Massive Tax Hike on the Middle Class, Conveniently Deferred Until After the Election

It's pretty hilarious that the Obama campaign is wasting money advertising on this august periodical with its usual litany of outrageous lies. This one, for example, is a classic:

What a crock. The actual Obama budget, according to The Washington Post, does anything but reduce the deficit.

As for "slashing taxes on the middle class", that's complete bunk as well. The actual toll from Obamacare alone will hit that segment hardest:

And let's not even discuss the onset of inflation -- from gas to food and everything in between -- thanks to Obama's deficit-spending and attendant money-printing.

Everything this man says is a lie. And if he caught himself telling the truth, he'd tell a lie just to keep his hand in (to paraphrase Harry Truman describing Richard Nixon).

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