Saturday, August 11, 2012

I really hate it when...

...someone with a cool car takes up two spots in the garage.

Hat tip: Bernie.


Anonymous said...

The first spot on the left is partly chained off and is suitable only for a smaller car. The Lemon is next to a striped off area on the right so both cars are actually enjoying their own unmolested spot. I do the same to avoid door dings.
As a matter of fact I wear out a car every 3 years and for one of them I parked as though other people would respect my stuff. When I finished with that car it looked like the surface of a golf ball. Only God knows how door dings appeared in the most obscure places.

Anonymous said...

ANON at12:40

NONE of the crap you said justifies parking like a douchebag..and by your own admission YOU park like a douchebag and deserve any and all dings any vehicle you own ever receives.
And probably a good ass whippin someday too.