Tuesday, August 07, 2012

Larwyn's Linx: Hometown newspaper exposes Harry Reid's scandal

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Hometown newspaper exposing Harry Reid's scandals: Nice Deb
Obama’s College Classmate: ‘The Obama Scandal Is at Columbia’: Blaze
Democrats begin abandoning Reid, beg him to shut up: Lid

Hundreds of Millions in Taxpayer Losses Are Just ‘Minor Blips’: DLim
Dems Terrified They Can't Fill Seats For Obama DNC Speech : MenRec
Obama Attempts To Suppress Ohio Military Vote: IBD

160 Counties Have More Registered To Vote Than Eligible Voters: Cove
Behind Reid's Big Lie About Romney Is A Big Motive: IBD
Obama cheers Mars Rover after slashing NASA's budget: Malkin


Speaking Truth to Incompetence: Ace
The Incredible Shrunken Economy: Blumer
Chicago businesses close wallets to Obama this time around: ChiBiz

Scandal Central

The 10 Most Revealing Solyndra Emails: Foundry
It Begins… Holder Justice Department Goes After Top Romney Donor: GWP
Solyndra Revelations: Time to Close the “Bank of Washington”: Foundry

Climate & Energy

Wind Energy Is Extraordinarily Expensive And Inefficient: Watts
Obama's War on coal totally unjustified: Vindy
Judges Rule That EPA Can't Conjure Up New Permit Veto Authority: Forbes


WH Press Corps Goes Seven Weeks Without a Question: Dossier
Obama's Radical Agenda Ruined His Chance To Be Leader: IBD
Why I've Always Written So Much With Such Intensity And why I won't stop now: BRubin

Sununu: Obama campaign definitely behind Reid’s outlandish accusation: Scoop
The Real Poll Numbers: Morris
U Mad, Bro? Obama Hates Romney Because He's Not a War Hero Or Something: Ace


Say, Remember Those WMDs Saddam Hussein Didn’t Have?: IMAO
My (Ohio) Neighbor, the Hamas Leader: Creeping
An Olympian Congratulations to Kirani James, Oscar Pistorius—and Össur Kristinsson: ObjStd

Sikh temple shooter said to be white supremacist: CNS
Panetta Gets Earful From Netanyahu and Barak on Iran; Wolf Blitzer, Call Your Office: Breitbart
Criticism In Iran Over Children Attending Public Executions: MEMRI

The Canter Family – Soviet Propaganda, Frank Marshall Davis, David Axelrod and Barack Obama: NoisyRm
The Ticking Time Bomb of Iran and Obama: Norris
Palestinians Balance Pursuit of Statehood With Getting Obama Re-elected: Breitbart


Huawei: The company that spooked the world: The Economist
Yes, I was hacked hard: EmptyAge
Humans send their Curiosity to Mars!: Discover


5 Differences Between Boys and Real Men: Hawkins
Progressive Fast Food: Because the World Can't Wait!: Cube
Obama That I Used To Know: Just New Productions

WTF: Ace
Sports Versus Politics: Sowell
A One-Man Department of Justice: WS

Image: What is Wasserman Schultz Hiding?
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QOTD: "The difference could hardly be starker. What Obama says “has never worked” brought real per capita GDP back to its previous peak in four quarters and outperformed the Obama economy in post-recession per capita income growth by over ten percentage points.

Let’s split the difference, and assume that if Obama and his administration had done what they should have done instead of what they have done, real per capita GDP would have grown by five more points in the past three years than it actually has. If that were the case, the economy would currently be producing almost $2,400 more in goods and services (5 percent times the $47,589 trough seen in the first graph) for every man, woman, and child in America, or about $9,500 for a family of four. A majority of that would be making its way into the pockets of American workers and their families.

Instead, we have falling wages, rising poverty, dangerous levels of dependency on the government, and a previously unthinkable chance of turning into the 21st century’s Argentina. Only a change in who is in charge, accompanied by a wholesale housecleaning and permanent pruning of the federal leviathan, can alter this unsustainable situation." --Tom Blumer

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