Saturday, August 04, 2012

Obamanomics: Ryan Lochte's parents face foreclosure in Florida

And if the Dissociative Press says it, it must be true:

The parents of U.S. Olympic swimmer Ryan Lochte are facing foreclosure in Florida.

According to a lawsuit filed in May in Volusia County, CitiMortgage is suing to foreclose on Steven and Ileana Lochte. The bank is seeking to recoup $250,000. The news was first reported by TMZ.

Court records show that Ileana Lochte asked the court to dismiss the case last month. Messages left Saturday for her attorney were not immediately returned.

The Lochtes divorced last year. Court records did not show whether Steven Lochte had an attorney. Both parents have been in London recently to watch their son compete.

Ryan Lochte has won five medals, including two gold medals, in swimming events at the London Olympics.

As most folks who live in the real world know, the American economy remains in the Obama Depression.


QueMan said...

You need to do something on this Doug...and what happened to contacting you???

This is what I sent to my wife...

"Whats wrong with this headline....?

This is the crap that is being reported on Drudge and the american dumass sheeple don't question....

"Eliminated badminton team wins bronze..."

HUH??? How could a team eliminated during a massive scandal at the olympics win a medal that has been known for several olympics???

Earlier this week in london...the women's teams of china, south korea, and Indonesia were eliminated due to throwing their matches to play less stronger teams in the medals round.

However though the chineses women's team was eliminated some how they found a way to win the olympic bronze in this sport!!! How??? I can't figure it out even from the article...can you ...???

Have a great day!!!" (The actual ending is for my wife an my self...)

QueMan said...

Really nice article..."Sorry Mom and Dad though you sacrificed for me to get where I am...I don't have the time, though I do have the money, to help you...Hope you like the slum apartment that you get to live in..."

jay said...

This is a sad situation. This young man is one of the top swimming athletes, is in the 2012 Olympics, is getting World-Wide recognition and he and his family are experiencing the greatest tragedy to hit the USA in decades. This is a reminder that the foreclosure fallout is not over as of yet. Many families across America are experiencing and have experienced what these people are experiencing. I trust that they will come out of this situation.

Anonymous said...

That diamnond grill in his mouth is a huge turn-off to me.