Saturday, September 15, 2012

Must-See Proof: Corrupt Media, Corrupt Polls

We already knew that legacy media was completely and utterly corrupt, with ironclad confirmation coming in the form of the recent gang-attack conspiracy against Mitt Romney.

Now, @NumbersMuncher (via @AriFleischer) represents graphically that very same corruption. Namely, how most recent Bizarro-Polls show Barack Obama in the lead despite a disastrous economy and a Mideast in flames.

Briefly put, the polls showing the SCOAMF in the lead are oversampling Democrats to bias the results.

But what should the samples be? Rasmussen (the most accurate of the 2008 presidential pollsters) posits the following ratio:

Point 1: For 2012, the average Republican-to-Democrat sample, the correct sample should be 36 (R) to 33 (D) to 31 (I).

Point 2: Among likely voters, independents break for Romney, 51 percent to 40 percent (according to the ultra-liberal National Journal).

So let's just get this straight: more people identify as Republicans than Democrats and Independents break by a double-digit margin for the Romney-Ryan ticket.

And, in the midst of an conflagration in the Middle East, QE3, and an economy back in recession, the media is trying to save this election for the SCOAMF.

Here's a hint, Chrissie Milbank-Dionne: It. Ain't. Gonna. Work. 2010 will look like a fond memory in comparison.


  1. what does SCOAMF stand for?

  2. Anonymous5:16 PM

    Thank-you, I have asked for that visual at HotAir for a long time

  3. Anonymous5:21 PM

    Stuttering clusterf*ck of a miserable failure

  4. The same affect was used to negate the bounce from the Republican convention and boost the bounce from the Democrap freakfest.

  5. I've always felt that it is going to be 90%/10% D/R. I don't know why Dem Corppppss only give D an 11% advantage. I've always thought, based on the 2010 elections, that D would out vote R by 9:1. I think it should be Obama 90%/Romney 10%. No wait, Obama 99%/Romney 1%. This is after consulting with E. Anglia and Penn St.

  6. Suek, if your question is serious, it stands for STUTTRING CLUSTERFARK OF A MISERABLE FAILURE or word to that effect.

  7. Anonymous2:04 PM

    suek said...
    what does SCOAMF stand for? 4:04 PM

    Stuttering Clusterf##k of a Miserable Failure.

  8. The graph should have a slope=1 line passing through the origin to show the actual baseline when the sample is biased. Anything below the line (in this case) would represent Romney being ahead. All the points are below the line

  9. Anonymous9:50 PM

    My understanding is Rasmussen uses a rolling average of the previous three months party affiliation which is +1 R not +3. Last month was +3 R but he does a rolling average just like iwth his daily pols.

  10. This post is exactly what we need to see. It illustrates the media skew. I believe that independents ARE more for Romney, because of Twitter experience I had over the weekend