Sunday, December 02, 2012

IT'S AN OPEN BORDERS EXTRAVAGANZA! 14 Illegals Bail Out of SUV During Routine Traffic Stop

Aren't the Democrats' open borders policies funtastic?

What police say began as a traffic stop eastbound on Interstate 40 on the west side of El Reno has resulted in the arrests of 13 people, according to officers.

Police said the SUV was following a tractor-trailer too closely, with less than a car length between them, resulting in the stop. When the driver handed an officer a driver's license issued in Mexico, the officer asked the driver to step out of the car.

Canadian County Sheriff Randall Edwards told KOCO Eyewitness News 5 that 13 illegal immigrants, along with the driver, jumped out of the vehicle and fled. After a search that lasted much of Tuesday afternoon and included Oklahoma Highway Patrol troopers, sheriff's deputies, the state Agriculture Department, Immigration and Customs Enforcement agents and K-9 units, 13 people were taken into custody...

"I couldn't fathom that they had gotten that many people in that car," said Cody Palmer with the Canadian County Sheriff's Department.

Three of those arrested are women. The driver of the car was also an illegal immigrant and police say he will face 13 counts of human trafficking.

But I'm sure the driver was licensed and insured -- and that all of the passengers had been buckled in before the traffic stop.

If you had lost a family member in a traffic accident caused by an illegal alien -- an all too common phenomenon in the era of Obama -- you'd probably have a far different view of open borders than the typical Democrat pol.

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