Monday, December 10, 2012

Larwyn's Linx: GOP Classic

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GOP Classic: RS
GOP Genius Of The Day...Senator Bob Corker: Ace
Libs Outraged Schools Will Teach... “American Exceptionalism”: WZ

Obama's Fiscal Cliff and the Chicago Way: Breitbart
Selling Conservatism And Why Benefits Beat Features: RS
Heritage Libertad Radio: Foundry


Zimbabwe Ben, meet Zimbabwe Timmy: Varones
Number of Americans on Food Stamps Hits Another New High: WZ
73% Of New Jobs Created In Last 5 Months Are In Government: Cowboy

The US Debt Visualized: the Video: Demonocracy.Info
GOP staffer who authored copyright-reform paper loses job: DC
The Free Market Deals With Theft: MB

IBD on Friday’s Jobs Report: ‘Recession Mode’: BizzyBlog
Gallup Reports Upper-Income Spending Worst November Ever: Mish
Hey, everyone: FEMA is hiring!: Twitchy

Scandal Central

Coburn to Democrats: Stop lying about fiscal cliff: Red Alert
Obama Meets, Shakes Hands and Shares Laugh With Troop-Kill Rapper PSY: GWP
How Government Actually Works, Especially Unaccountable, Multi-Jurisdictional Government: Cato

Climate & Energy

Why we can’t have nice things. Like a profitable energy policy.: RS
Doha Conference: Rich countries to pay poor ones for climate damage: CDN


NYTimes Reporter: 'They Are So Much Cockier Now at the White House': WS
Will To Krugman: You Think Everyone Who Disagrees With You 'Is a Knave or Corrupt or a Corrupt Knave': NB
Why the Media Has Zero Interest in Obama’s Secret College Records: MB

Thomas Sowell On Liberal Vs. Conservative: Glob
Newt Gingrich Schools Lawrence O'Donnell On Clinton Tax Hikes: NB
Jamie Foxx: It’s “great” to “kill all the white people”: RedAlert


The Lie That Broke Israel's Back: AT
What is there to talk about with Hamas?: Hayom
Syrian rebels claim new video shows victims of chemical attack: Times of Israel

Obama surrogates blast Israel's P.M.: Hayom
State Dept refuses to name Boko Haram terror org as Christians slaughtered: Creeping
Australian Muslim Calls for Violent Confrontation: MB

Hamas Leader Vows To Destroy Israel, Others Worry Not Letting Palis Kill Israelis Hurts Peace Process: Ace
Another UK Health Care Horror Story Which U.S. Press Will Ignore: BizzyBlog
Killer photo op: Obama and daughters meet U.S. troop-slay rapper PSY: Twitchy

Sci-Tech (courtesy

Curiosity Gets a Sister – What Should She Do ? Scientists Speak: UniverseToday
Worst Idea Ever: Fortune 500 Cable Company Turning Off ALL Twitter And Social Media Support: MediaBistro
SHA-1 brute-force attack trimmed by 21%: Naked Security


Amazing tale of a desperate WWII pilot’s encounter with a German flying ace: Post
"I threw a perfect punch": Marquez: Blaze
The American Female’s Endemic Addiction...: Bastion of Liberty

Critters In Winterwonderland: iOTW
15 Worst Christmas Sweaters in the History of the Planet: Reaganite
Jenni Rivera, Mexican-American singer, plane wreck found; no survivors, says official: KABC

Image: Muslim Somalis Jihad for Welfare Obama Apartments in Ohio
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QOTD: "The Fiscal Cliff negotiations are illustrative of the President's inability to lead and to govern. With this dire deadline of economy-killing tax increases and automatic spending cuts looming over the American people, he chooses to campaign at toy factories, golf with Bill Clinton and publicly try to intimidate the Republicans into a deal that he wants. President Obama hasn't even met with Speaker Boehner in person for weeks, choosing instead to only talk to him over the phone.

But then we really can't expect any other behavior from a committed Alinskyite like the President. When one strictly adheres to the principles of Saul Alinsky, you don't negotiate, you intimidate. You don't take a stand, but make the other guy take a stand and then you demonize it. You create so much static with class warfare rhetoric that it drowns out reason and fact. A good case in point is the President's insistence that the wealthy do not pay their fair share. He has been saying this for so long, it is almost an accepted fact by some. The real truth is that the top one percent of wage earners have gone from paying 20% of the total tax burden in the 1980s to 40% today. The percentage of the total income they earn is around 25%. If one extrapolates out the tax burden to include the top 10% of wage earners, the total share of the tax burden paid by that group is 70%. Their total percentage of the income earned is around 38%. These facts come straight from current IRS data.

No fair-minded person could conclude from the empirical evidence laid out in the previous paragraph, that the wealthy in this country are not paying their fair share. And yet, the President spews out this categorically false narrative and a certain percentage of the population laps it up like kittens lapping milk from a bowl." --Damon Koch

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