Sunday, December 09, 2012

Larwyn's Linx: When You Have Nothing To Lose, Do The Right Thing

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When You Have Nothing To Lose, Do The Right Thing: NoisyRm
Why the Republican Party Can’t Win Without the Tea Party: FP
"Psychologically Incapable Of Getting Our Fiscal House In Order": FreePost

Koch not backing down, and neither should you: LI
USDA relents, lifts limits on meat and grain consumption in schools: Blaze
Secret to Obama’s Success: A Great Ground Game: RWN


Collective bargaining is a form of slavery: Mish
New Curricula Will Swap Government Manuals for Classic Literature: Tatler
Surprise: Despite tax increases, Cali revenues go off the cliff: Breitbart

The Fiscal Cliff And The Alinsky President: Small Craft Advisory
What Fed Exit?: ZH
Cutting Spending: Obama Wants $60.4B for Sandy Relief: RWN

Obama Ag Secretary: Rural America “Becoming Less And Less Relevant”: WZ
Why tax increases don't work: AEI
Released: Cost of First Daughter Malia Obama’s Trip to Mexico: JW

Scandal Central

American men find careers in collecting disability: AEI
Kucinich: Obama administration has refused to release memos legally justifying drone strikes: DC
Judge May Overturn GM Bailout: LoneCon

Climate & Energy

Inhofe: Obama funneling billions to UN for climate-change redistribution: Hot Air
Is There a Carbon Tax in Your Future?: RS
UK Endures Coldest Autumn Since 1993: Watts


David Brooks, Ignorant Tool At Large: RSM
Washington Post Cheerleads for Terror: AT
Students Made to Stand for Black National Anthem: MB

Big Ohio Newspaper Cutting One-Third of Newsroom: Publius
Obama: Give Me Dictatorial Powers or I’ll Take Your Country Out: NoisyRm
Whites Stayed Home and Re-Elected Obama: Morris


Egypt’s Economic Breakdown Deepens the Crisis: Spengler
Meet the New Dictator… Mohammed Morsi Declares Martial Law in Egypt: GWP
Cheney Takes Flamethrower To Obama: Fox Nation

BREAKING: Hugo Chavez’s farewell speech?: Fausta
We've Got al Qaeda on the Run Alright ... In Africa, Stronger Than Ever!: AmPower
Mashaal: First Gaza, then Ramallah, then Jerusalem: JPost

Egyptian constitutional referendum to go forward in a week, Morsi withdraws controversial decree: LI
Why Egyptians are angry at Morsi, in charts: WaPo
Ex-US Marine Chained To Bed In Mexico Prison: Spew

Sci-Tech (courtesy

If You Use Social Networks, Watch This Video: Mashable
The future of money: New paradigms for the checkout, banking & currency: NextWeb
Did Twitter's founder reveal its would-be Instagram killer?: CNet


Is There Nothing That Obama Can't Do?: SDA
It’s an honor just to be nominated. I’d like to thank my dog…: MOTUS
Photo of the Day: Artists, Dordogne River: NatGeo

Texas A&M freshman quarterback Johnny Manziel wins Heisman Trophy: Fox
Pacquiao-Marquez: How the stunning fight played out: USA Today
What Your Beer Says About Your Politics: NatlJrnl

Image: Vice President Biden booed throughout Army-Navy game
Today's Larwyn's Linx sponsored by: Red Planet Cartoons

QOTD: "...the UN’s Green Climate Fund [UNGCF] ... aims to garner $100 billion from industrial nations ostensibly to bolster efforts to get developing nations to use renewable, non-hydrocarbon energy rather than coal and oil in their development. In practice, as we have seen at UN climate-change conferences, the fund has been treated as an entitlement and even a type of reparation by developing nations from the US and the West... the Obama administration has sent billions of dollars already into the UNGCF and plans to send billions more even while the US struggles with trillion-dollar deficits...

Why are we putting any money into this at all? These are the kinds of activities that can be afforded by nations with large budget surpluses, not by nations teetering on a default of its bond obligations. In a very real sense, that’s not even our money. Regardless of the virtue of the effort, which in this case is highly questionable if not outright laughable, the US cannot afford to give one billion dollars away to UN slush funds, let along $2.4 billion or even more than that, if Inhofe is correct.

We can’t afford a dime of this — especially while the White House proposes to sit on its hands while the sequestration cuts $500 billion from the military over the next ten years, or struggles to reform entitlements. Can the White House look soldiers in the eyes and tell them that their aging weapons systems on which they rely for their lives can’t be upgraded while they fund endless parties in Copenhagen and Doha, and send cash to countries because they argue we owe them for the ills which they have entirely visited upon themselves? Can the administration tell seniors and the disabled that their benefits have to be trimmed while billions go to the UN for a slush fund that keeps corrupt bureaucrats in power in Turtle Bay and end up in the hands of petty autocrats and dictators?" --Ed Morrissey

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