Tuesday, January 01, 2013

The 5 Most Mind-Blowing 3-D Printed Objects Of 2012

The 3-D printing revolution is in its infancy, but you can sense the promise from some of the coolest builds of 2012.

5. ...Luc Fusaro’s 3-D-printed running shoe [is a] custom-fabricated concept that can theoretically shave 3.5 percent off a sprinter’s time--enough to change his or her position on the medal podium. Using a nylon polymer powder and an additive manufacturing process known as selective laser sintering, Fusaro can turn a 3-D scan of an athlete's foot into a custom-fitting, bare-bones athletic shoe with no extraneous material and a super-lightweight structure...

4. ...a Japanese exhibit provid[es] a glimpse of the photo booth of the future. Rather than providing the usual short reel of head shots, this imaging booth takes 3-D scans of visitors and then turns that data into a 3-D printed figurine. It’s you, in three dimensions...

3. ...At a New York hacker conference back in July, a German security consultant known only as “Ray” made something of a mockery of one of law enforcement's most important accoutrement: the handcuff. Using plastic handcuff keys that he printed from CAD files on a 3-D fabricator, he wowed the crowd be easily popping open sets of cuffs designed by multiple European security firms...

2. ...A University of Southern California professor has devised a layered fabrication method he calls Contour Crafting that he believes could be used to print entire buildings. Professor Behrokh Khoshnevis isn’t the first person to suggest 3-D printing structures like this, but his method is novel in that it would also add plumbing, electrical wiring, and other infrastructure as the structure is built, layer by layer, from the ground up...

1. ...then there’s Defense Distributed, a.k.a. the Wiki Weapon Project, the initiative cooked up by a University of Texas Law student and some of his buddies to 3-D print a working firearm...

One of the impacts of this new technology: some believe that "regulation or banning of firearms... will soon be impossible."

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Anonymous said...

With that machine pistol, why would you need any other kind of a firearm?

Anonymous said...

The Oppressive gun grabbers keep on repeating day in and day out about how the supreme court says that there are limitations on the right of self-defense.

Obviously, they like to LIE about all the limitations we ALREADY have and pretend they do not exist.

We ALREADY have massive limitations on that right

We ALREADY have can’t possess certain types of weapons

We ALREADY have cannot possess large caliber guns.
We ALREADY have cannot possess select-fire fullauto firearms

There are ALREADY have limitations on the purchasing a gun and FFL’s selling guns.

There are ALREADY a many embarrassing and obnoxious hoops we have to jump through just to exercise our right of self-defense.

And yet, that’s not good enough for the Oppressive gun grabbers, with each and every infringement they force on us, they always come back for more.

Then they like to use the ‘No limitations LIE’ after each and every limitation they force on us. The like to pretend that each of the previous limitations don’t exist and that their next set will be the first.

In addition, these NEW limitations are always falsely said to be ‘commonsense’ and other ample amounts of BS.

Well, when can it be said that our fundamental rights have been INFRINGED?

At what point will we say enough is enough?

It is certain that they want to limit our rights out of existence. They have made it plain that they want to take our guns.

Andrew ‘Gun Confiscation’ Cuomo had come out and stated this publicly along with other national luminaries of the socialist left.

Clearly the Oppressive gun grabbers would like us to be down to sling-shots and stones before we come to that realization – they would like us to our guns taken away before we start question their motivations on the matter.

They had better not be expecting to put up with their LIES for much longer.