Friday, February 08, 2013

California once again demonstrates that registration equals confiscation

History is replete with instances of gun registration leading to confiscation. California is only the latest example.

We’re told we’re paranoid and delusional for our tome that registration’s only purpose is to tell the government where they all are so they can be rounded up when a pretext presents itself. Well, here’s what’s happening in California:

The 10-bill package constitutes the single largest gun control push in decades in the Golden State, which already boasts some of the nation’s strictest gun laws. It joins equally controversial proposals from Assembly Democrats that would regulate and tax ammunition sales and consider taking the state’s 166,000 registered assault weapons from their owners. time some gun control advocate tells you no one is talking about taking your guns, take a copy of Time, roll it up, and smack them with it (assault magazine).

When government has a monopoly on force, it tends to abuse it. Who was it that said, "Absolute power corrupts absolutely"?


Anonymous said...

Wake the hell up doormats...

Dr. Tar said...

That would be Lord Acton