Monday, February 04, 2013

Larwyn's Linx: America's Governing Party

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America's Governing Party: Carroll
Establishment Forms Anti-Conservative Super PAC: SenCon
Thank God for American Crossroads and the Conservative Victory Project: RS

The Great Ammo Drought of 2013: Bayou Renaissance
Rove founds new PAC to protect establishment from conservatives: C4P
Iraq vet charged in fatal shooting of ex-SEAL: MyWay

So much crime, Chicago cops can't respond to 9-1-1 calls: GSL
GOP Wages War on Steve King: MagNote
DHS Terrorists: Vets and Hunters: TL In Exile


One hundred years of redistribution, control, and deception: Hayward
Top Income Tax Rate 465% Higher 100 Years after Tax Introduced: MRC
Harry Reid: We Need To Keep Raising Taxes: WZ

IRS Admits Obamacare’s Cost is $20,000 Per Family: LifeNews
Unions Fight to Use Dues for Politics: Mackinac
Newsflash: Detroit, the “Motor City”, facing bankruptcy: AIM

Fewer Dollars and Babies Threaten Social Programs: Barone
Lib Nitwit Blames Himself for Car-jacking: WyBlog
18 USC 922 - Prohibited Persons: Ace

Scandal Central

Illinois Democrat judge who was just reelected to plead insanity: LI
NYC schools giving out tens of thousands of doses of the 'morning-after pill': Post
Court Silences Man Who Painted Protest Sign on His House: Reason

Climate & Energy

Surely You’re Joking, Dr. Chu!: RS
Hess to close last refinery in New Jersey: Hot Air
Without Subsidies, the Wind Industry Is Over: Elephant


“Terror TV” Comes to America: NoisyRm
Matt Yglesias gets mugged by the DC small-business bureaucracy.: Moe Lane
Harry Belafonte Condemns “White America,” Pleads for Civilian Disarmament: TAG

How to Deprogram a Liberal: TAB
Obama's Israel-hating, Muslim Brotherhood cheerleader: the shrill radical cultist, Taylor Marsh: Levin
Okay, we've seen the picture: OG&M

Chris Wallace attacks NRA head Wayne LaPierre: RedAlert
Obama Calls on Boy Scouts to Welcome Homosexuals: Fox
I-Team Investigation: a Humvee for a School?: WLS-TV


Defense Secretary Panetta Admits Information from Waterboarding Led US to Bin Laden: GWP
A True Survival Story: “Taking Their Possessions... They Retreated Ever Deeper Into the Forest”: SHTFplan
Geert Wilders’ Speech in Bonn: GoV

What Planet Does John Kerry Live On?: Pipes
Mass Shooter Confesses He Learned to Hate White People in College: GWP
World's Biggest Retirement Fund Considers Selling Its Japanese Bonds: ZH

Sci-Tech (courtesy

Tech, telecom giants take sides as FCC proposes large public WiFi networks: WaPo
NASA Planes Fly Over Bay Area To Measure Air Pollution Levels: Slashdot
#Blackout: How to Advertise in Real Time: Social Media Today


CAPTION & PHOTOSHOP: Barry Gets His Gun!: Cube
BlackBarry: The Skeet Shooter: MOTUS
White House releases Obama Super Bowl Photo: SHN

Rules for Radicals Rule 5: Resistor
Best tweets during the 2013 Super Bowl blackout: RedAlert
BUSTED!: Lone Blogger Proves Obama ‘Skeet Shooting’ Picture Is A Fake: SHN

Image: The Great Super Bowl Blackout relived in tweets
Today's Larwyn's Linx sponsored by: NRA Stand and Fight

QOTD: "...the legitimate question is: How much time does money/credit have left and what are the investment consequences between now and then? Well, first I will admit that my supernova metaphor is more instructive than literal. The end of the global monetary system is not nigh. But the entropic characterization is most illustrative. Credit is now funneled increasingly into market speculation as opposed to productive innovation. Asset price appreciation as opposed to simple yield or “carry” is now critical to maintain the system’s momentum and longevity. Investment banking, which only a decade ago promoted small business development and transition to public markets, now is dominated by leveraged speculation and the Ponzi finance Minsky once warned against.

So our credit-based financial markets and the economy it supports are levered, fragile and increasingly entropic – it is running out of energy and time. When does money run out of time? The countdown begins when investable assets pose too much risk for too little return; when lenders desert credit markets for other alternatives such as cash or real assets." --Jeffrey Carter

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