Wednesday, February 06, 2013


The Democrat Party's incessant drive to centralize more and more power in Washington, DC seems to have no limits.

Virtually every aspect of our lives is controlled within the Beltway, from the kinds of light-bulbs we can buy, the mileage our cars must get, how much electricity our washing machines can consume, and how much water can pass through our shower-heads. Worse yet, Democrats can't point to any blueprint that tells us when they'll be done centralizing power and authority.

If we need a model for where they're headed, it's got to be North Korea. All governmental power and industrial policy is centralized in one man. There are no separation of powers, there are no individual liberties, there are no checks and balances, and there's nothing protecting the individual from a lawless government.

Which leads me to this, the inevitable result of the EPA's warmal colding scam and its attendant war on oil:

...North Koreans [must] power their vehicles using gasifiers, which produce immense heat and break down biomatter, like wood, into a usable fuel. North Korea is just crawling with these mostly-wood-powered pickups and equipment haulers.

For decades, North Korea relied heavily on the USSR, China, and Iran to keep the cheap oil flowing. However, the USSR no longer exists, China seems increasingly displeased with North Korea’s behavior, and new sanctions have put the squeeze on Iranian crude. This has meant that many North Koreans must improvise when it comes to getting their old-school trucks moving. Wood is one of the few resources available in abundance in North Korea, and so it wasn’t long before the resourceful citizens (inspired by Dear Leader, of course) figured out that gasification was their only real solution.

Gasification has been around for a long, long time, first gaining widespread use after World War II. There are still people out there (and we do mean “out there”) who use gasifiers to power their rides, though it is far from an ideal situation as the burner must be feed a steady diet of wood in order to operate. They’re also loud, unreliable, and inefficient, but they work most of the time, and in North Korea, that is all that really matters

...It seems as though gasification will remain at the fringes of society for the foreseeable future, unless some worldwide calamity depletes our oil supplies overnight. Then all those wackjobs who predicted the end of the world might have something to celebrate, though one look at North Korea is a glimpse at just what such a world might look like.

And if the EPA has its way, gasifiers may be the only way to get around.

Like I said, the modern Left's endgame looks a lot like North Korea to me. Because the Democrat Party won't tell us when they'll have taxed enough, spent enough or regulated enough.

Which is precisely why you and I revere the Constitution and the strict limits it sets on government. And that is why the Left despises the Constitution; adherence to our nation's highest law prevents them from seizing all of the powers they desperately crave.

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