Thursday, April 11, 2013

Larwyn's Linx: Missouri Secretly Shares Entire CCW List With Feds Against State Law

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MO Secretly Shares Entire CCW List With Feds Against State Law: Loesch
Go To Hell Harry Reid and Dianne Feinswine: Ticker
Gun "Compromise" will allow doctors to block your right to guns: PatUpd

Levin: How will more background checks stop a mass murderer?: Scoop
Sen. Lee: Backgound Checks Let Holder Create Gun Registry: CNS
It's Hard Not To Be Cynical About This Toomey/Manchin Deal: Ace


Obama goes after retirement accounts: Hayward
Where Are The Prison Sentences For the Fed and Bankers?: Ticker
$1 Trillion Tax Increase in Obama Budget : Foundry

Obama Unveils His “Take it Or Leave It” $3.77 Trillion Budget: RWN
Obamacare architect Rockefeller: It's 'beyond comprehension': Exam
Radicalism 101: Why Do Our Universities Hire Terrorists as Profs?: NewAm

Ohio Health Care Freedom Act Tabled By... Republicans?: FreeWorks
Union Prevents Teachers from Voting on Contract: CDN
Good luck finding a doctor who will take Medicaid next year: ChiBiz

Scandal Central

Rev. Jeremiah Wright's Daughter Indicted: Marathon
Anti-Anxiety Medication Used as Pretext to Confiscate Firearms: MB
Planned Parenthood’s defense of infanticide: Thiessen

Climate & Energy

EPA Administrator Nominee Gina McCarthy: In Her Own Words: Heritage


A Culture of Death is their choice: LI
The Height Of Craven Narcissism ==> Michelle Obama: “Hadiya Pendleton Was Me”: Bruce
Mother Jones’ Source May Be in a Mother Lode of Trouble: Spakovsky

Toomey-Manchin Sellout Bill Is Worse Than Feinstein Gun Ban: FreedomOutput
USC professor trashes Republicans as racist, stupid during election 2012: Scoop
Caught in the act: High school teacher uses class to bash Fox News: Twitchy

New York Times Deliberately Falsifies Chronology to Whitewash L'Affaire Weiner: Ace
It was California’s Understanding That There Would be No Math: Driscoll
Huffington: "So how long is it going to be before Washington admits the truth -- that the emperor has no jobs?": Ace


No Tears for the Traitorous Lynne Stewart: Malkin
The Unfinished Revolution: Steyn
20,000 U.S. M-16s stolen from unguarded warehouse in Kuwait: WorldTrib

A prediction on the Venezuelan election: Fausta
Leftist and Islamists force cancellation of Pamela Geller speaking event: JihadWatch
The New Wedge Issue: Gold: RWN

Sci-Tech (courtesy

The IRS is reading your email, and doesn't care a court said they can't: WyBlog
A promising 'Home' for the Facebook obsessed: CNet
The Facebook Phone Consensus From 7 Reviews: An Impressive First Try For $99: Crunch


Party like it’s 2008! More Green Onions!: MOTUS
15 Of The Best Margaret Thatcher Quotes In Pictures: RWN
Is America arming up for war?: Ace

Image: Fed Flub Sparks New Data Concerns -- WSJ
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QOTD: "David Corn posted [the secret tape of Senator Mitch McConnell's office]; he and Mother Jones posted the secretly-recorded video of Mitt Romney making his "47 percent" comment. Boy, he sure got past his Bush-era qualms about secret wiretapping, huh?" --Jim Geraghty

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