Friday, June 07, 2013

AWESOME: Eric Holder Refuses to Say Whether the White House is Spying on Congress

Separation of powers? What separation of powers?

Kirk: "Mr. Attorney General, I want to take you to the Verizon scandal and -- which I understand takes us to possibly monitoring up to 120 million calls. You know, when government bureaucrats are sloppy, they're usually really sloppy. Want to just ask, could you assure to us that no phone inside the Capitol were monitored of members of Congress that would give a future executive branch, if they started pulling this kind of thing off, would give them unique leverage over the legislature?"

Holder: "With all due respect, Senator, I don't think this is an appropriate setting for me to discuss that issue. I'd be more than glad to come back in a -- in an appropriate setting to discuss the issues that you have raised. But in this open forum I don't . . ."

Kirk: "I would interrupt you and say the correct answer would be say no, we stayed within our lane, and I'm assuring you we did not spy on members of Congress.". . .

Mikulski: "We are going to stop here because this fully briefed is something that drives us up the wall."

Yesterday, Mark Levin stated that Holder was either unaware of the Executive Branch spying on Congress or he is aware of the program and knows it targeted Congress.

I'll go a step further: I suspect that Eric Holder is knowledgeable and complicit in an effort to monitor the activities of Congress under the aegis of national security.

On the one hand, I'm terrified to watch this country descend into tyranny more rapidly than I could have ever imagined. On the other hand, we are witnessing history. We have a unique ability to make a difference. As such, we cannot stand silent or quiver in fear in the face of a lawless administration that is actively attempting to extinguish our Constitution and this Republic.

Contact your member of Congress now. Now. And tell them in no uncertain terms to name a special prosecutor immediately so we can begin to unravel these scandals, step by step and piece by piece.

Hat tip: BadBlue Gun News.


Brian said...

You've got to be fucking kidding me.

russell harris said...

Actually what's truly awesome is the gutlessness of the RINOs in the House for NOT bring that seditious SOB up on impeachment charges for the Fast & Furious...

chunkdog said...

I think one of the questions they should be asking is, if the phones of SCOTUS were monitored.

After Obamacare was ruled Constitutional, and the sudden mind change of Roberts, I'm willing to bet he has a verizon plan. said...

Holder is betting on the GOP being fat,corrupt and ball-less.

It's a good bet.

Anonymous said...

Yea, I'm sure Patty Murray and Maria Can'twell will take their kneepads off to investigate this.
This isn't just history, we're watching our "lifeboat" go over the falls. Pretty soon all that will be left is the screaming.