Friday, June 07, 2013

Miss World Pageant forced to cancel the bikini competition to avoid offending Militant Quakers

Multiculturalism. It's what's for dinner.

• Pageant will be held on tourist island of Bali in September
• Contestants will not wear bikinis in case they offend Indonesia's Muslims

Miss World is synonymous with scantily clad women strutting their stuff on stage. But this year the pageant will be significantly more subdued, after organisers announced that they are scrapping the traditional bikini round in a bid to avoid offending the Muslim hosts.

The contest, which will crown a global beauty queen chosen from 137 participants, will take place in September on the island of Bali in Indonesia. The area plays host to millions of foreign tourists every year, and is known for its idyllic beaches where Western visitors are frequently to be seen sporting skimpy swimwear.

However, Indonesia is a predominantly Islamic country, with more than 200million Muslims living in the South-East Asian nation... The country's top Islamic body, the Indonesian Ulema Council, has called for the Miss World pageant to be cancelled. And in a nod to conservative public opinion, organisers have decided that the contestants will not wear bikinis during the 'beach fashion' round of the event...

...Instead, they will cover up with garments such as sarongs which avoid revealing the body shape...

As an aside, I'm stunned that I got to this before the intrepid Robert Stacy McCain, who has a knack for knocking out the finest Rule 5 posts on the planet, having coined the damn term.

Hat tip: BadBlue News.

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