Monday, July 01, 2013

Larwyn's Linx: At What Point Will America No Longer Tolerate Obama’s Constant Lying?

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At What Point Will America No Longer Tolerate Constant Lying?: Nice Deb
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Scandal Central

It’s "Not An Invasion", If We Think They Belong Here: NoisyRoom
Where's the special prosecutor? The IRS scandal demands an independent investigation: Chicago Tribune
Michael Jackson paid £23MM buying silence of at least 24 young boys he abused over 15 years: Mirror

Climate & Energy

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Conspiracy, Treachery, and Terror: Ongoing Litigation Exposes CAIR’s Massive Web of Fraud and Deceit: AFLC
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Scores of protesters try to storm Muslim Brotherhood HQ in Cairo: RT

TheNazis and the Palestinian Movement: Ted Belman, Israpundit
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US senators demand to know from Clapper extent and benefits of spy program: John Ribeiro, IT News
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Guess Who Else Is In South Africa? Reggie Love!: WZ

Image: Shotguns, petrol bombs and rocks: Scores of protesters try to storm Muslim Brotherhood HQ in Cairo
Sponsored by: Call Paul Ryan's office now at (202) 225-3031 and tell him NO AMNESTY

QOTD: "...those activists who want to make the Palestinian cause the 21st-century equivalent of the movement that opposed South African apartheid in the 20th century will—assuming they conform to basic standards of honesty—find it very difficult to invoke Mandela as support. Mandela’s memoirs are full of positive references to Jews and even Israel. He recalls that he learned about guerilla warfare not from Fidel Castro, but from Arthur Goldreich, a South African Jew who fought with the Palmach during Israel’s War of Independence. He relates the anecdote that the only airline willing to fly his friend, Walter Sisulu, to Europe without a passport was Israel’s own El Al. And the ultimate smoking gun—the equation of Israel’s democracy with apartheid—doesn’t exist.

Mandela once wrote that Jews, in his experience, were far more sensitive about race because of their own history. Now, it is absolutely true that there are parallels between the oppression suffered by South African blacks under racist white rulers, and Jews living under hostile non-Jewish rulers. The notorious Group Areas Act, which restricted black residency rights, brings to mind the enforced separation of Jews into the “Pale of Settlement” by the Russian Empress Catherine in 1791. Many of the other apartheid regulations, like the ban on sexual relationships between whites and blacks, carried echoes of the Nazi Nuremburg Laws of 1935.

Mandela’s diagnosis was that Africans should be the sovereigns of their own destiny..." --Ben Cohen


Whitehall said...

Just called Ryan's office. The recording said leave a message but then "Mailbox is full."

Hope they're getting the message!

Frodus said...

I just called and left a message..i told him ever if Mitt would have got 100% of the illegal vote or the legal Mexican vote he would have still lost the election.

And i told home to enjoy his short time in office cuz he was going to force the those that are apposed to amnesty to come out against him in droves..them i said have a nice day and enjoy your counrty while you can.42 cent of every dollar they have to borrow...