Friday, October 04, 2013

Larwyn's Linx: In Case the Republican Establishment Didn't Notice, They’re WINNING Shutdown Fight

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Find Your Representative, call them, thank them, and tell them to HOLD THEIR GROUND

In Case GOP Didn't Notice, They’re WINNING Shutdown Fight: RWN
Next time, Democrats will take your doctor hostage: John Hayward
404care: Explained: Cold Fury

The Left is 'terrified out of their minds,' says Ted Cruz: Charlie Spiering
Ted Cruz’s fantastic interview with Michael Berry: Poor Richard
Obamacare: Obama’s Signature Chemistry Experiment: David Limbaugh

Obamacare Propaganda in All Its Glory: Lady Liberty
Astroturf: Media’s Obamacare Poster Boy is OFA Volunteer: Ed Driscoll
Welcome to the Harry and Barry Shutdown Show: Daniel Horowitz


Why did Obama try to scare the markets?: Tyler Cowen
CNBC Outs Obama's Strategy of ‘Scaring the Market’: Sean Long
Who Shut Down the Government?: Thomas Sowell

Obama Comes Out for Union-Busting!: HayRide
Charade: Regime Spends Money to Close Park That Costs It No Money: RWN
Democrats’s Shutdown Is Refusal To Face The American People: Dana Loesch

Dept. of Education: Almost 95% Non-Essential Personnel: FW
Paging Federal Obamacare Enrollees: Is Anybody Out There?: Walter Russell Mead
WH Orders Hundreds of Privately Run, Privately Funded Parks to Close: Tatler

Scandal Central

Shutdown overreach: More guards at WWII memorial than Benghazi: Exam
After Shutdown: Administration Gives $445,000,000 to Corporation for Public Broadcasting: CNS
Seven Stupid Ways Obama Admin Spent Money During Shutdown: RWN

Security breach rattles MN health-care exchange: Tom Steward, Watchdog
A Camp Bastion Mom’s Call of Duty: Michelle Malkin
"Congress orders NPS to retain all records of Barrycade's of America's public treasures.": Strata

Climate & Energy

Tesla says car fire began in battery after crash: Yahoo!


21 Comments Posted On The Official Obamacare Facebook Page: RINF
Historic Numbers Are Enrolling for Obamacare But You Can’t Know How Many: Sara Noble
Waxman on 10,535 Pages of Obamacare Regs: ‘Is It Important That I Read It?’: CNS

How AP altered its headline to protect Obamacare: Sister Toldjah
Obamacare hotline number sums up Obama’s message to US: 1800FU . . . : BPR
New tone: Thomas Friedman likens GOP to Hezbollah: Twitchy

No Peace for the Obstinate Squish: Jen Kuznicki
Poll: Shutdown Hardly a Catastrophe for GOP: Dossier
Why Harry Reid Lost His Temper: Seth Mandel, Commentary


Former Joint Chiefs chairman: Obama plotted to destabilize regimes in Bahrain, Egypt: WorldTribune
US government shutdown: Barack Obama looks like a bitter, petty and partisan president: Nile Gardiner
‘We were determined to go through’: Veterans allowed to visit World War II Memorial: Jake Tapper


Iran's cyberwarfare czar is allegedly assassinated: Dara Kerr
The Death of Microsoft: Robin Harris
Why Conformists Are a Key to Successful Innovation: Ella Miron-Spektor, HBR


Cali: Told To Turn In Their Guns To Get Obamacare?: WZ
Government Shutdown Disaster Movies: Morlock Revolt
The Obama Blame Game: LiberalLogic101


QOTD: "The thing is…since the federal government shut down…nothing much has changed. Actually, nothing at all has changed for AWD! The sun came up, Texas remained the bad-assiest state in the republic, and liberal womerns were still butt-ugly while libtarded males remained effeminate and worthless. Situation normal...

...Sure, 800,000 non-essential government employees were furloughed because of the shutdown. The fact that the federal government employs 800,000 non-essential employees shows precisely the reason the federal leviathan should be shut down!" --Angry White Dude

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  1. Anonymous8:23 AM

    "Cali residents told to turn in their guns to receive Obamacare" via Weasel Zippers. Inflammatory? You betcha! So where's the "beef" when you click on it? A redacted FB entry that is third party hearsay. You would think something so heinous would have follow up or original research, but no. The catnip is too good as link and click bait to bother to check. "Conservatives" are supposed to be above this, or so I am told. I am commenting here instead of there as I am a fan of Doug's work.