Tuesday, October 08, 2013

Larwyn's Linx: Obamacare -- a Hill to Die On

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Obamacare: a Hill to Die On: David Limbaugh
Yes, I Think This Means the GOP is Winning: Erick Erickson
Wallace Reminds Lew: Obama’s Refusal to Negotiate is Unprecedented: Tatler

Despite Obama Shutdown, Park Service to Allow Illegal Alien Rally: JWF
Police Arrest Vietnam Veterans at NYC War Memorial: Brian Feldman
Million Vet March on Memorials October 13: Ride for the Constitution: MagNote

Inarticulate Republicans: Thomas Sowell
Confirmed: ClusterCare signup numbers really, really bad: Moe Lane
Houston, We Have a Problem: Elephant


"We all need to take care of each other": Ace
Quitting Government Unions Made Easy: Watch-Dog
Is Obama Going For Broke In Washington's Fiscal Fight?: J.T. Young

Obama and media continue to lie about the debt ceiling: John R. Lott
Obama's Debt Claims Debunked, Line by Line: Dean Clancy
Coburn says IF debt ceiling not raised, US won't default: Justin Sink, The Hill

Scandal Central

DOJ to Universities: ignore SCOTUS ruling on using race in admissions: Scoop
Mainstream Media Finally Catches on to Disability Fraud: Mish
Obama Evicts Senior Citizens, Barrycades Their Home Of 40 Years: Strata-Sphere

Reality Sinks In. An Open Letter to the Whiner Known as ATF Director B. Todd Jones.: SSI
ATF Blocking Book by 'Fast and Furious' Whistleblower: AWR Hawkins, Breitbart
Family of Four Will Pay $10,000 More for Insurance Because of Obamacare: John McCormack


FASCISM: Reporters Living in Fear of Obama Administration: JWF
Nancy Pelosi Flounders When Asked Actual Questions By Press: IJ Review
Hilarious: Dingy Harry Says Media is Unfair to Democrats: JWF

Jim Geraghty is getting it: Protein Wisdom
Progressive insurance co-founder seeks to destroy conservatives: BPR
Reality of Obamacare is Doing More for Conservatism than the Consultant Class Ever Has: Ben Howe

Justice Scalia to reporter on religion: ‘Are you so out of touch with most of America?’: RedAlert
Justice Scalia Canceled Subscription to Slanted, `Shrilly Liberal Washington Post: AIM
Montana: "Less than a half-dozen" attend ObamaCare forum: Marathon


Great News: DHS Muslim Advisor Admits Islamo-Nazi Ties: JW
Now The Chinese Are Wagging Their Fingers At Obama: ZH
Russia to Grab Pension Money, Temporarily: Andrey Ostroukh, WSJ


New York now data-mining for criminal activity: Don Reisinger, CNet
Nielsen’s Twitter rating goes live this week: Cory Bergman, Lost Remote
How Good Management Stifles Breakthrough Innovation: Markus Lorenz, HBR


Matt Bracken: Enemies Trilogy Free on Amazon Kindle: Co-Ironwill
Obama Inc. Sends 5 Rangers to Mount 24 Hour Blockade of Restaurant: Daniel Greenfield
Shutdown Day 7: It’s Starting To Heat Up!: MOTUS

Image: Police Arrest Vietnam Veterans at NYC War Memorial
Today's Larwyn's Linx sponsored by: Million Vet March on Memorials October 13: Ride for the Constitution

QOTD: "The federal government has shut down some 17 times previously, and at no time were these memorials closed. Is our Sovereign so besotted with power, has his impudent leftism so robbed him of reason that he fails to understand what is so obvious: That in barricading Americans from memorials and icons that stand as testimony to an exceptional culture founded precisely on liberty from oppressive government, he perfectly validates the arguments of the right?" --Dave Carter

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Anonymous said...

These efforts must break the back of our petty dictator - tyrant - boy-King and set the path for his trip to a real one flush American toilet. We will wipe without TSA permissions with USFS toilet tissues.