Friday, June 06, 2014

INSIGHTFUL GRAPHIC: The Weeks of Our Lives

Wait But Why features a fascinating illustration of all our weeks. The premise is simple: consider a rectangle made up of tiny squares, with each square representing a week of your life.

90 years might look like this:

Each row of weeks makes up one year. That’s how many weeks it takes to turn a newborn into a 90-year-old.

It kind of feels like our lives are made up of a countless number of weeks. But there they are—fully countable—staring you in the face.

Before we discuss things further, let’s look at how a typical American spends their weeks:

Check out the rest, the highlights of which include famous deaths, Tiger Woods and Roger Federer championships, Einstein and Newton accomplishments, etc.

How are you spending each precious week?

Hat tips: Gizmodo and BadBlue Tech News

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Anonymous said...

My 93 year old mother in law died recently and I found myself asking in view of her memorial, (if each day is a blade of grass) how many square feet she grew to occupy beside us. These numbers do put things in perspective in light of eternity.