Monday, September 29, 2014

Larwyn's Linx: Obama: the CIA assured me they were JVs!

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Obama: the CIA assured me they were JVs!: Power Line
The Moral Failures of Eric Holder: Victor Davis Hanson
Boehner Confident GOP Will Back Immigration Overhaul: Steven Dennis

Democrats Think We are Stupid: Ed Lasky
New 'Conservative Review' Mega-Scorecard for Congress: Breitbart
3-3 is Threeper Day: Celebrate It: Christian Mercenary

Americans Concerned about Declining Influence of Religion: Star Parker
OBAMA: “Wherever I See Folks, They Always Say… You’re So Great”: GWP
Group touts 4,000 abortions in 1 year with Hillary Clinton's support: NewsOK

Introducing The Senate Breakers Report: Dan McLaughlin
DNC Losing Women in Droves: Gina Loudon
Did U.S. Sen. Kay Hagan skip ISIS briefings to raise money?: Pete Kaliner


With Black Unemployment At 13% Obama Urges Blacks To Vote Democrat: WZ
The CBO Sez: Obama’s Employment Situation Stinks : Bystanders
From Paul Ryan to Marco Rubio, Republicans are for wealth redistribution: Fortune

Scandal Central

Nearly 7 MILLION Multiple Voters in 28 States, Report Finds: ProgsToday
Americans forced out of US military; illegal aliens allowed to enlist: RS
DOJ orders Ferguson police to stop wearing pro-Darren Wilson gear: Scoop


Sharyl Attkisson Blasts Media’s Fast And Furious Coverage: “We Should All Be Embarrassed”: Surge
ABC, NBC Gush Over Clinton Baby: ‘Almost Like The British Royal Family’: CNS
Zakaria: CNN’s Mixed Messages…: ICN

‘I, me, my': Ron Fournier ‘transcribes’ President Obama’s ’60 Minutes’ interview: Twitchy
‘What is he smoking?': POTUS: We’re much better off, people just don’t ‘feel it’: Twitchy
Out and In: Instapundit

With election day 2014 rapidly approaching, low information voters must be reminded: Obiter Dictum
‘We need a new constitution': Donna Brazile, Salon slammed for plan to save us from ‘loudmouths’: Twitchy
WaPo might be insinuating Obama’s strategy won’t work: Joe Cunningham


"The Khorosan Group": a fictitious name the White House invented to deceive: Andrew C. McCarthy
Who’s up for a human rights lecture about Ferguson from Iran’s Ayatollah Khamenei?: Doug Powers
By Pounding on Hong Kong, Xi is Losing Taiwan: AmInt

Second Oklahoma Muslim Threatens to Behead Coworker; Claims He Represents ISIS: Federalist
"There's two sides to every story" - Beheader's Mom speaks out: TR
My Business is a Muslim Free Zone: Jan Morgan

The World Will Never Sing ‘Kumbaya’: Jen Kuznicki
The President’s Make-Believe World: Andrew Klavan
More on Turkish Support for ISIS: Daniel Pipes

Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue Tech News)

Under Rainier’s crater, a natural laboratory like no other: Sandi Doughton
Looking good – this LED research could improve display clarity by 400%: Jonathan Feist
3D Printing Goes Prime Time: Samuel Greengard


Alton Nolen: religious black man gunned down by white racist: Cube
The “Weak” In Review: All The News That Was or Might Have Been: MOTUS
George Clooney And Amal Alamuddin’s Stunt Queen Wedding Extravaganza Continues!: dListed

Image: Under Rainier’s crater, a natural laboratory like no other
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QOTD: "The president has been telling us for years that he handled al-Qaeda by killing bin Laden. He has been telling us for weeks that the Islamic State — an al-Qaeda renegade that will soon reconcile with the mother ship for the greater good of unity in the anti-American jihad — is a regional nuisance that posed no threat to the United States. In recent days, however, reality intruded on this fiction. Suddenly, tens of thousands of terrorists, armed to the teeth, were demolishing American-trained armies, beheading American journalists, and threatening American targets.

Obama is not the manner of man who can say, “I was wrong: It turns out that al-Qaeda is actually on the rise, its Islamic State faction is overwhelming the region, and American interests — perhaps even American territory — are profoundly threatened.” So instead . . . you got “the Khorosan Group.”" --Andrew C. McCarthy

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Anonymous said...

It is my understanding, from the bowels of the DOD, that because there will be no boots on the ground all the bombing runs in Syria are being carried out by American homosexuals, transvestites, illegal aliens, and women in an attempt to demoralize IS.