Tuesday, September 09, 2014

Larwyn's Linx: Texas rancher confirms that Islamic terrorists were caught crossing into U.S.

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Texas rancher: Islamic terrorists were caught crossing into U.S.: GWP
Obama Fails to Warn Americans of Possible 9-11 Attack This Week: RWN
It's the Border Security, Stupid: Roger L. Simon

Hispanics get the shaft from Obama on immigration: Allen West
Long Island’s 2,300 Illegal Alien Children Pose a Challenge: Sara Noble
President Obama's Thoroughly Tawdry Executive Action Delay on Immigration: CIS

Success or Failure: Thomas Sowell
Self- Defense Shooting Outside a Kroger Guts Argument To Ban Guns: Bob Owens
Obamacare’s Tax Troubles Just Got Worse: GotNews

Nate Silver: Almost 2-to-1 Chance Republicans Win Senate Majority: R.S. McCain
Bruce Braley (D-Candidate #IASen): loves fundraisers, ignores veterans: Moe Lane
Aaron Woolf’s (D-Candidate, NY-21) cruel exploitation of his backers: Moe Lane


Black Americans Continue to Face Double Digit Unemployment: FW
One in Ten California Workers are Illegal Immigrants: Publius
HHS Announces Another $60 Million for Obamacare Navigators: WS

Scandal Central

IRS Investigation Getting Dangerous For Senate Dem Carl Levin: CHQ
Fox News’ Special Re-ignites the Benghazi Scandal: AIM
House Benghazi panel to hold first hearing next week: Sean Lengell

Why Ferguson Could Lead To Federal Takeovers Of Local Police: D.C. McAllister
Generals: Constitutional Crisis Could Force Military To Remove Obama: NoisyRm
The McDonnell Verdict: Cal Thomas

Climate & Energy

Are greenhouse gas emissions a reason to keep Africa starving?: WUWT
Fracking, New Energy Production, Spurs Rust Belt Economic and Industrial Rebound: AmPower
UN says CO2 "pollution" at annual record high: CNS


The GOP’s Missing Electoral Link: Daniel Horowitz
It’s Hard to be Saints in the City: Steven Malanga
Fox’s Wallace on Obama: You’ve Got a Problem ‘When Elizabeth Warren’s to Your Right’: Mediaite

Neighborliness in Obama's Post-Racial America: MB
NY Times "Outs" Anti-Israel Negotiator: Stormin' Norman
ABC Ignores Start of Ray Nagin's Prison Term; NBC Gives Story Only 15 Seconds: MRC

You're Out, Barack: Stephen Green
Wendy Davis: “The Most Loving Thing” I Could Do Was Aborting My Daughter: Jerome Hudson
Ward Churchill Still Crazy After All These Years: Nice Deb


Some Lessons From The War With Hamas: Steven Plaut
Federal Grand Jury Probing Suspected Terrorist Pipeline in MN: FNI
Mexico Is the New Detroit; Forbes Credits NAFTA: NewAm

A Shock to the Heart and a Sad Message for the Brain: Brussels Journal
1,400 English Girls Raped by Multiculturalism: Dennis Prager
ISIS fighter 'John' was reportedly known to British intelligence for over a year: Fox

Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue Tech News)

The Plankton Pundit: Miriam Goldstein, Deep Sea News
Twitter Begins 'Buy Button' Test: DM News
Highest-profile Democrat in Congress comes out in full force for net neutrality: VenBeat


Media Bias: This May Be the Best Joke I've Heard All Year...: Breitbart
Everyone stop what you're doing and say a quick prayer for @Liberty_Chick, Mandy Nagy: LI
On the Matter of Bob Costas’ Hair: Jon Gabriel

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QOTD: "Mr. Obama’s misjudgment on ISIS was extraordinarily costly. It was a complete misreading of the situation, long after others were warning about the nature of the ISIS threat. This mistake ranks among the worst errors of the Obama presidency, which is saying quite a lot. President Obama knows this, which is why he’s frantically trying to pretend he didn’t say what he so clearly said.

The problem is in this whole process the president of the United States is distorting the truth. He’s doing so willfully. But this deception will not only fail; it will further undermine his credibility, which is already at a low ebb. As Mr. Obama said in 2008, “I mean, words mean something. You can’t just make stuff up.”

Mr. Obama is at war with reality, and reality is winning." --Peter Wehner

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