Monday, November 03, 2014

BOOM: Free App from True The Vote Allows You to Report Any Observed Election Fraud in Real-Time!

From the fine folks at True The Vote comes VoteStand, a free app that allows you to report election skulduggery to the watchdog group.

Introducing VoteStand, America’s first online election fraud reporting app. VoteStand provides you the online tools and support you need to quickly report suspected election illegalities as they happen.

Now you can join with citizens across the country to protect voters’ rights!

Tweet it, Like it, email it... get the word out and help stick a rhetorical foot in the keister of the Democrat Party.

Via IOTWReport.


Anonymous said...

The app is for IO6 and up only. If you are still on 5.01 you cannot download it. I guess the coders had no clue how many people did not upgrade to 6. That cut out thousand of iphone users.

Anonymous said...

It's something, but I just hope it isn't too little, too late?