Tuesday, December 02, 2014

Larwyn's Linx: Is He Out of His Narcissistic Mind?

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Is He Out of His Narcissistic Mind?: Marilia Duffles
Obama will shut down the government if GOP tries to stop amnesty: Hot Air
Hastert Rule is unfair to Democrats… or something: RS

Opinions vs. Facts: Thomas Sowell
The DeAndre Joshua Murder: Treehouse
How To Not Get Shot By The Police: John Hawkins

Gallup: Record Number Report Skipping Health Care Due to Costs: Ace
Sessions and Congressional Researchers Reinforce Immigration Hawks: NRO
Boehner gears up to shut GOP immigration dissenters down: Times

Dem Takeover of Senate in '16 Possible but Not a Slam Dunk: Michael Barone
Turns out Harry Reid dumped money into Greg Orman’s race after all: Moe Lane
Holder announces plan to target "racial profiling": Grabien


Immigration executive order may kill tax break extension: RS
US has 2nd biggest welfare state in the world. But who’s it for?: AEI
Mary Landrieu Floats Higher Taxes: ‘We Should Look At The Gasoline Tax’: WFB

Scandal Central

The St. Louis Murder of Zemir Begic – Not Random At All: Treehouse
TMZ Politics Smashes MSM Over Lauten vs. Child Rapist: NB
Marxist Julie Bosman -- who printed Darren Wilson's address -- wants A-List protection from cops: GotNews

Climate & Energy

Claim: Most of Earth’s carbon may be hidden in the planet’s inner core: WUWT
Is it time to panic in the oil sands?: MacLean's
Earth Is Like Totally Moving Towards A 6th Great Extinction Or Something: Cove


Joe "The Morning Schmoe" Scarborough leads backlash against Ferguson riots: Don Surber
Criticism of the Royal Family Will Not Be Tolerated: John Hayward
The Very Worst of Leftist Loon Brian Wilson of NBC News: MRC

“They Tore up Your Stores…Take the Insurance Money and Run”: Eratosthenes
Al Sharpton: A Snitch and His Unpaid Taxes: MB
Coulter: Police Body Cams Would 'Shut Al Sharpton Down': Breitbart

The last stand of the old line civil rights establishment: Ferguson as Selma: RS
The Torch Is Being Passed to A New Generation of Right-Wing Media: Bloomberg
GotNews Resumes Lawsuit To Get Michael Brown’s Juvenile Record: GotNews


Imagine a World Without America? Obama Can: David Solway
Al Qaeda Plot to Blow Up Five European Planes Simultaneously On Christmas: Ace
New Details Released About Woman Beheaded by Muslim in Oklahoma: ConTrib`

Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue Tech News)

Why did it take antivirus giants YEARS to drill into super-scary Regin? Symantec responds: Register
Futuristic 'Aurora' spy plane travels at SIX TIMES the speed of sound: DailyMail
Google Fiber gigabit Internet comes to Austin, Texas: TNW


Our Weasel Of The Week Nominations!: Watcher
Dem Reps Make ‘Hands Up, Don’t Shoot’ Protest Gesture on House Floor: Mediaite
Rams, police differ on apology story for players' Ferguson protest: USA Today

Image: Hillary Clinton’s awkward Keystone day
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QOTD: "Democratic members of Congress showed solidarity with Ferguson protesters tonight by making the “Hands up, don’t shoot” gesture on the House floor tonight.

New York’s Hakeem Jeffries and Yvette Clarke, along with Texas’ Al Green, all made the protest gesture on the House floor tonight. Green made the gesture in reference to what the St. Louis Rams did, but touted it as a “new symbol” of protest." --Josh Feldman


Anonymous said...

Doug: MRC story on Brian Williams:

'The Very Worst of Leftist Loon Brian Wilson of NBC News: MRC"

Should be: Williams


Anonymous said...

Julie Bosman, the leftist New York Times hack who published Darren Wilson’s address in the Pravada of American apparently has a husband Jeremy L. McCarter who works for the Eric Holder Department of Justice. This makes her posting of Darren Wilson’s address that much more curious, or maybe it explains why it happened.

These lawless,lying Obama democrats need to go

Anonymous said...

If Boehner,House leadership,Mcconnell want to do the Obama flop again, and give him what ever he wants .. Then goodbye to republican Party!!!!!!!!!!