Wednesday, January 07, 2015

Country with abusive, draconian immigration laws offers President Obama help with his "Executive Amnesty"

By Investor's Business Daily

Hypocrisy: Mexico's president tells ours that his country will supply any documents needed for illegal aliens to qualify under Barack Obama's executive amnesty. At the same time, Mexico deports more illegals than we do.

In an Oval Office meeting with President Obama on Tuesday, Mexican President Enrique Pena Nieto said that his administration "is ready to give (support) to the Mexican population living in the United States so that they can show the documentation that is necessary to prove that they have been in the United States prior to 2010" to meet the five-year requirement of Obama's amnesty plan and "all the other requirements" to qualify for executive amnesty.

This may be the first time that an American president has sought and received the assistance of a foreign leader to break the laws and violate the Constitution of the United States that he was sworn to uphold and defend.

Obama told reporters how much he appreciated "Mexico's commitment to work with us" on implementing his amnesty plan.

How gracious of President Nieto, whom Obama praised for stemming the flow of illegal aliens from Central America into the U.S. after their transit through Mexico. "In part because of a strong effort by Mexico, including at its southern border, we've seen those numbers reduced to more manageable levels," he said.

We suspect that a manageable level the American people would accept is probably closer to zero. It's interesting that Obama praises Mexico's border security at its southern border while he was woefully and deliberately neglecting border enforcement at our southern border with Mexico.

As Breitbart News reports, Mexico deported more Central Americans last year than we did — 107,199 vs. 104,688 — and a U.S. Border Patrol agent says that the U.S. would do well to protect its borders as diligently as Mexico protects its own.

Appearing Tuesday on Fox News' "Your World With Neil Cavuto," Chris Cabrera of the National Border Patrol Council pointed out that it's a felony just to cross into Mexico illegally, but it's not a felony in the United States. There's no executive amnesty or pathway to citizenship for illegal aliens in Mexico.

As Victor David Hanson has noted on these pages, Mexico has a virtual zero-tolerance policy for illegal immigrants who seek to work inside Mexico, happen to break Mexican law or go on public assistance and drain the Mexican treasury. And woe to those who aid them in either their employment or their residency.

Mexico's legal immigration policies are designed to provide the country with the skill sets that the country needs. There's no talk of letting in those who'll do the work that Mexicans won't do. Mexican immigration law accepts those who have the "necessary funds for their sustenance" while denying entry to those who are not healthy or would "upset the equilibrium of the national demographics."

There will be no fundamental transformation of Mexico under the Mexican constitution. While we invite illegal immigration with jobs, service in the U.S. military, driver's licenses and discounted college tuition denied U.S. citizens from another state, Mexico slams the door.

Article 32 of Mexico's constitution bans non-native-born residents from holding sensitive jobs and joining the country's military in peacetime. Article 33 gives the president of Mexico the right to deport foreigners at will without the deportation hearing that 90% of our illegals fail to show up for. Foreigners are prohibited from participating in Mexican politics "in any way."

Mexico and its illegal aliens here, of course, are free to interfere in our politics in any way, including taking those driver's licenses and registering to vote in our elections. Want comprehensive immigration reform, President Obama? Just do what Mexico does.

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