Friday, January 09, 2015

Larwyn's Linx: The Consequences of Obama's Benghazi Video Lie

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The Consequences of Obama's Benghazi Video Lie: EIB
Decline and Fall: ProWis
No More Vigils. Vengeance.: American Digest

Supreme Court Shouldn’t Ignore Constitution to Save Obamacare: David Harsanyi
Obama motorcade drives by scandal-plagued Phoenix VA hospital: Justin Sink
AZ Veterans Condemn Obama’s Failure To Stop At Phoenix VA: KSAZ

Conspiracy Lesson: Rick Wilson
Boehner Vows to Fight ‘Tooth and Nail’ Against Obama Amnesty He Funded: CNS
Boehner defends retribution: Scott Wong

Paris attack puts Western world in a bad spot: Jonah Goldberg
New York Times caught scrubbing details about Paris terrorist attack: WZ
DMV expects 100,000 illegals to seek licenses by Friday: Melody Gutierrez


Obama: Let’s Give Two Free Years of Community College to Everyone!!!: Patterico
The (Real) Bank of America: Michael Grunwald
GOP, Dems pass 40-hour workweek for Obamacare, ignore veto threat: Times

Scandal Central

House may have just thrown brakes on a Hillary presidency: Unyielding
NYC Mayor's Secret Past: Aaron Klein
Saxby Chambliss Transforms From Senator To Lobbyist In Less Than A Week: Doug Mataconis

Climate & Energy

Climate change’s instructive past: George Will


Bill Donohue: Those Cartoonists Had It Coming: Robert Spencer
CNN Jim Clancy: real villains of Paris terror: the Jews: FAM
Mainstream Media Mostly Sides With Muslim Terrorists Following Charlie Hebdo Massacre: MB

Muslim Fanatic Defends Savage Murders by Fanatical Murderous Muslim Savages: R.S. McCain
Media Cowards and the Cartoon Jihad: Michelle Malkin
Jonathan Chait Blasts Fellow Liberals For Walking On Eggshells When Dealing With Islamists: NB


What is the Future for a Post-Liberal Europe?: Richard Reinsch
After Paris: The Kremlin’s New Message: 20 Committee
Inside Putin’s Information War: Peter Pomerantsev

Charlie Hebdo massacre: the march of the morons has already started: Simply Jews
Should the West Abandon the Middle East?: Jonathan Spyer
"No Go Zones and Sharia Courts…Europe is Finished.": IPT

What Can France Do Now?: David P. Goldman
Jihadists have declared war, world must respond: Canada's Harper: Julie Gordon
Canada will resettle another 10,000 Syrian refugees, minister promises: CTV News

Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue Tech News)

The 9 Best Ideas From CES 2015 : Fastcodesign
Uncommon Carriers: Michael Bobelian
Subliminal Perception: Just How Fast Is The Brain?: Discover


Tigers Never Change Their Stripes: MOTUS
Viagra has a new spokesman: All the Right Snark
Hillary in Hawaii?: iOTWreport

Image: First picture inside the blood-stained Charlie Hebdo newsroom
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QOTD: "The entire summer, while he was leading these reelection efforts, so forth and so on, [John Boehner] was working a backroom deal with Obama to pass to biggest spending bill in American history, and to fund every penny of ObamaCare. Do you know what the Boehner legacy is, Sean, in the last four years? He’s been the biggest spending, biggest borrowing, most profligate Speaker in American history and that includes Nancy Pelosi. " --Mark Levin

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