Monday, January 05, 2015

Larwyn's Linx: More Republicans Publicly State They Won’t Support Boehner For Speaker

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More Republicans Say They Won’t Support Boehner For Speaker: Alex Pappas
Conservatives in the House Have Only a Veto Power: Erick Erickson
Who Else Has the Courage to Vote Against John Boehner?: Trevor Loudon

What Problem-Solving Progressives Don’t Get: Andrew C. McCarthy
Chaos erupts at Ferguson protest takes over Wyden town hall: ProgsToday
Today #BlackLivesMatters Imploded: WZ

Ohio Governor Kasich seeks an Article V Convention: Ted Abram, FW
Cops ignore Bratton, turn backs on de Blasio at officer’s funeral: Post
FBI Director: Number Of Police Officers Killed In 2014 ‘Shocking Increase’: WZ

In the House, Voting Present is a Vote for Pelosi: Erick Erickson
GOP Senators Signal Willingness to Compromise With Obama: Tennille Tracy
Top Iowa Democrats Slow to Rally Around Hillary Clinton: WSJ


Harry Reid is pissed. GOOD.: Don Surber
Obamas Slammed for Dining at Restaurant with $500,000 Fee: Chris Enloe
Obamacare tax surprise looming: Tami Luhby

Scandal Central

Unanswered Benghazi Questions: Fifth in a Series: Sharyl Attkisson
Bizarre sex scandal: Prince Andrew, Alan Dershowitz and Bill Clinton: Rick Moran
Retired Cop Gets Insomnia Treatment, NY State Confiscates His Guns, He Sues: Tammy Bruce

Climate & Energy

Time Magazine’s Bryan R. Walsh (@bryanrwalsh) Must Be Hoarding Water and Tuna: Erick Erickson
Dem ‘very frustrated’ with Obama on Keystone: Cowboy
Multi-vehicle accident involving “Smart Car” leaves 1 dead: Fox 17


What Is It About ‘Progressives’ and Guns?: Michael Walsh
Want to avoid being called a racist? Pay Al Sharpton: Jazz Shaw
Geraldo Rivera turned away from Wenjian Liu’s funeral: FAM

Moms Demand Action Founder: We Win by Bypassing Congress: AWR Hawkins
The Limits of Transarency: Francis Fukuyama
Stuart Scott dies at age of 49: ESPN


The Seven Great Powers: Walter Russell Mead
Saudi religious leader OKs rape of children: Jennifer Lawrence
Taliban in Pakistan video shows child justifying violence against Pak's 'apostate army': Business Standard

‘It Doesn’t Need a Fatwa!’: Andrew C. McCarthy
Video of 1950s-era Cuba: How fortunate the Castros came along to put an end to this misery: Babalu
Record meth seizures at California-Mexico border: U-T San Diego

Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue Tech News)

Feds Developing Microdrones That Could Invade Homes: MB
Researchers seek medical data use without patient permission: Joseph Conn
Disassembling The Incredibly Intricate Rolex Submariner: Digg


Because Membership Has its Privileges: MOTUS
Sunday Stories: The Genesis of Something New: TTAC
The World’s First Transgender Doll Causes Controversy After Photo Goes Viral: Lecia Bushak

Image: Top Iowa Democrats Slow to Rally Around Hillary Clinton
Today's Larwyn's Linx sponsored by: Tell Your Representative to Replace John Boehner HERE!

QOTD: "Conservatives in the House of Representatives are considering blocking Rep. John Boehner (R-OH) from becoming Speaker of the House of Representatives. They need 29 conservatives to stand shoulder to shoulder to make that happen.

There are allegedly 25 of 29 ready to do it. Of course, last time they had the votes to block the Speaker and they all caved at the end. It would be more surprising if they hung together than if they caved. Caving is what conservatives in the House of Representatives often do.

...Conservatives in the House need to understand that if they want to be a force to be reckoned with, they need to use their veto out of the gate to block the Speaker.

29 of them, voting for someone other than Boehner, will do just that. And doing so will then give them leverage throughout the next Congress." --Erick Erickson

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