Monday, February 02, 2015

Perhaps the geniuses at the RNC can take a look at the Republican Presidential Poll over at the Drudge Report

And by the RNC, I mean the U.S. Chamber of Commerce Crony Capitalism.

As I mentioned yesterday, Jeb Bush has about as much chance of being President as Justin Bieber has of serving on the Supreme Court.

1. 47% (166,593) Scott Walker
2. 14% (48,652) Ted Cruz
3. 12% (44,323) Rand Paul
4. 8% (27,589) Ben Carson
5. 5% (16,749) Jeb Bush
6. 4% (14,105) Sarah Palin
7. 4% (13,201) Marco Rubio
8. 2% (5,434) Donald Trump
9. 2% (5,368) Mike Huckabee
10 1% (5,159) Chris Christie

Real impressive showings for the Beltway Establishment's favorites, Bush and Christie.

It's early, but I'm starting to get a warm, fuzzy feeling about 2016.

Hat tip: BadBlue News.


Anonymous said...

Justin Beiber never being on the Supreme Court? That's kinda what we thought about a treasonous man-child calling himself 'Barack Hussein Obama' becoming president.

Doom said...

Whew. I was thinking something was off. Just another attempt to baffle conservatives by a snowjob from msm and the stupid part of the Republican party. I was wondering if I was out of touch for a while, before seeing this.

As to Walker, compared to the rest, sure. But I am hoping for a few more hats to be thrown in. Perry, Brownback, and maybe some others. All I know is if they force Jeb or Chris through, I'll stay home again. As if it matters. Didn't matter with congress and the senate it seems. Bleh. Might just stay home anyway.

Anonymous said...

Looks like Chris Christie is the CrispieCreme of the crop. :-)

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Redwine said...

Not so warm and fuzzy about Scott Walker. He's a big amnesty and Commie Core guy.