Wednesday, March 18, 2015

OBAMA'S IRANIAN PARTNERS IN PEACE: "A society steeped in the spirit of homicide bombings is unstoppable"

What could possibly go wrong with the Obama-Kerry plan to appease Iran's march to secure nuclear weapons?

Iranian Leader Khamenei: A Society Steeped In The Spirit Of Martyrdom Is Unstoppable; Khamenei's Representative In IRGC Qods Force: We Shall Not Rest Until We Raise Flag Of Islam Over The White House

In statements on February 26, 2015, both Iranian Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei and Ali Shirazi, his representative in Iran's Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps (IRGC) elite Qods Force, stressed the need to instill the values of jihad and martyrdom in Iranian society, and reiterated the ideological principles of the Islamic Revolution – enmity towards the U.S. and opposition to American hegemony and the existing world order.

At a closed meeting, Khamenei urged daily dissemination of the culture of martyrdom and jihad in society, and enshrining it as an eternal truth and as a necessary sacrifice on the path towards long-term goals. He explained that this would inoculate Iranian society against defeat, rendering its enemies unable to halt its progress. He also stressed Iran's role as the standard bearer of opposition to the existing world order, and as a country that could stand fast against the U.S. despite the latter's technological advantages, thanks to its revolution that relies on God's support.

Ali Shirazi, speaking at a ceremony attended by families of martyrs, emphasized that Iran would persist in fighting the U.S. until it had "rais[ed] the banner of Islam over the White House." He too praised the culture of martyrdom as a supreme value, and noted that it had spread to many countries in the Islamic world, including Nigeria, Lebanon, Syria, Iraq, Egypt, and Yemen. This, he said, showed that the Islamic Revolution had penetrated deep into these countries and had become a model for emulation across the region. Shirazi added that Iran was determined to avenge the January 18, 2015 killing in Quneitra of IRGC Gen. Mohammed 'Ali Allahdadi and the Hizbullah commanders, and that Hizbullah's operation against Israel in late January 2015 was only the beginning of this vengeance.

In a 2009 post entitled "The Atomic Mahdi", I described the historical background underpinning Iran's race to acquire nuclear weapons:

The most dangerous leaders in history are those like Hitler, Hirohito and [Iran's] Ahmadinejad, fueled by a totalitarian ideology and a mystical belief system. Ahmadinejad accepts that the return of the 12th Imam is imminent. Furthermore, he is certain of his own duty to hasten the Mahdi's return. This explains the many years of hidden preparation as Iran built its nuclear weapons, which are designed to both mete out punishment to the non-believers and pave the way for the apocalypse.

It is truly hard to believe that an American president would side with Iran's murderous leaders -- who have the blood of hundreds or thousands of American warriors on their hands -- over Israel. Yet that is where we stand today, awaiting nuclear martyrdom.

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