Tuesday, May 05, 2015

No, Glenn Beck is not down on Ted Cruz

Erica Ritz at The Blaze corrects the reports that claimed Glenn Beck was down on Ted Cruz's presidential ambitions:

Glenn Beck on Tuesday said he is still a “full-fledged” supporter of Republican presidential candidate Ted Cruz, despite recent reports to the contrary. The confusion stems from a comment Beck made on his radio program Monday, where he said he wasn’t sure Cruz could govern if elected in 2016...

...“I would expect Cruz to lead in a different way if he were elected,” Beck explained. “He’d go to the people with a healthy dose of common sense and try to change things from the bottom up, rather than trading favors for the compromising of his values..."

...with the right leader, Beck said, the country could actually unite in the time of [another economic] crisis.

“I don’t know which way it’s going to go,” Beck admitted. “But it’s important that you have a constitutionalist at that moment to govern, because they’re going to have to reset this system. And are they going to reset it to the Constitution? Or are they going to look to a new system to reset it?”

Beck said it is Cruz’s steadfast refusal to cut deals that makes him the ideal president for the tumultuous times ahead.

Like Reagan, I believe Cruz has the rare ability to speak in simple, compelling terms directly to the American people. Not lobbyists, the people.

Cruz represents one of a rare breed: a Constitutional Conservative who has never backflipped on his principles and is a masterful communicator. He is despised by the old guard in both parties, because he represents the people, not the Beltway.

You can support Ted Cruz by clicking here.


AnechoicRoom said...

Who's Glenn Beck?

Oh, right [I almost forgot, since I don't read/visit/listen/care (E V E R!!!)] ... he's the maggot coward. Who dropped trow, and squatted on Cliven Bundy. Having picked up the (nonfactual/NYT's) PC brush, and painting him, as a racist. Glenn never lets the facts get in his way [he just steps around them (numerous times/over and over)]. Or in the way of his two hundred employees.Or his herd of Texas longhorn cattle, or his media empire, or his .... [blah, blah, blah/ymmv (why yes I duz feel beddah)].

Barry Popik said...

MUST SEE: Tuesday's The Daily Show segment, "Let's Get Rod of Ted Cruz." Jon Stewart--what a national treasure! We now know to support Ted Cruz because that's who they're afraid of.