Saturday, July 04, 2015

LEGACY MEDIA HUMILIATED BY DEMOCRATS, PART MCXVILILSX: Hillary Staffers Lead Reporters Around with Leashes

When are these schmucks going to feel sufficiently embarrassed to start reporting the truth about Democrats?*

*Besides all of the hateful rhetoric, an economy in freefall, a Middle East in flames, the "Jayvee" ISIS terrorists threatening Americans in our homeland, a nation whose slogan is "Death to America" about to get handed nuclear weapons by Barack Hussein Obama, etc.
Hat tip: BadBlue News.


Anonymous said...

yet, they bow and scrape and ask what her favorite flavor of ice cream is. They are beneath sympathy or contempt

Frank G

vanderleun said...

The "press" here has been sucking Obama's dick for so long, it is just natural for them to transition over to sucking Hillary's dick.

toadbile said...

That complacent acceptance is honestly weird.
These press people are not so much contemptible
as alien.