Tuesday, September 01, 2015

Why the streets of San Francisco are filled with men pretending to be dogs

By Zombie

My latest photo essay — the first in quite a while — is now online! (WARNING: NSFW!):

Up Your Alley Fair, San Francisco, July 26, 2015

While this new report covers all aspects of this year’s “Up Your Alley” fetish street fair, I pay special attention to a bizarre fad sweeping the gay underground: “puppy play,” or pretending to be a dog during sadomasochistic group sex romps.

Up Your Alley was teeming with men not only dressed as dogs (or a least a fetishistic approximation of caninehood), but also behaving as dogs.

Why? Read the report to find out!


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"Read more"?

Nuttin poysunl girl, but your coverage of the back alley street fair, couple years back. Was enough to last anyone's lifetime.


The Political Hat said...

Bad person-pretending-to-be-a-dog, no [CENSORED]