Friday, January 01, 2016

Key Metrics and Some "Thank You" Notes for 2015

Okay, I'm bored and watching the college football playoffs* (no skin in the game here, but I find myself rooting for Clemson with one of their top defensive players sidelined on the very first play). Upstairs, a Twilight Zone marathon is occurring (host Rod Serling sidling out with a lit cigarette to intro the show is classic).

This seems an opportune time to visit Google Analytics (GA) and find out who has been naughty and who's been nice.

(*You can tell when I started writing this post)


Note: I've omitted some longstanding "list" pages like the various Fabulous 50 Blog Awards and the Top 300 Conservative Websites that would otherwise be in the mix. Numbers represent 2015 page-views as reported by GA.

  1. 113,836: President Barack Obama's Complete List of Historic Firsts [Updated]
  2. 41,114: IMPORTING ISIS: See Where Obama Is Resettling Syrian "Refugees" in the United States
  3. 33,773: Larwyn's Linx Bookmark Page (Daily News Roundup)
  4. 28,558: The 72 Types Of Americans That Are Considered 'Potential Terrorists' In Gov't Documents
  5. 18,410: AS PARIS BURNED: Obama Quietly Doubles Processing Centers for Syrian Refugees into U.S.
  6. 15,060: I’M WARNING DEMOCRATS HERE AND NOW: Putting Obama Over Country Is Treason
  7. 9,773: STICK A FORK IN EUROPE: It’s Done
  8. 9,534: What Really Happened
  9. 9,420: The Most Frightening Thing About a Hillary Clinton Presidency
  10. 7,920: Genocide in Green


12, not 10, because only 12 qualified with over 10,000 referrals. But thanks to everyone who linked, even you, Daily Kos commenter progsrule.

  1. 88,194: Hot Air
  2. 46,876: Linkiest
  3. 35,863: BadBlue News
  4. 26,088: Weasel Zippers
  5. 20,804: PJ Media
  6. 19,672: Ace of Spades
  7. 19.113: Gateway Pundit
  8. 16,081: Maggie's Farm
  9. 12,569: Michelle's Mirror
  10. 12,245: Right Wing News
  11. 11,421: iOTW Report
  12. 10,971: The Last Refuge
And some special thank you notes: to PJ Media's Ed Driscoll for his support; to Mark Levin for his encouraging words; to Thomas Lifson for all of his help; to Brian B., Mike S., Just the Tip HQ, Richard Baehr, and many others for all of the great news tips and story ideas; to Maggie's Notebook for reviewing one of my "bucket list" items (my first and only novella); and, finally, to the entire Watcher's Council for their consistently excellent work:

Also, to you -- yes, you -- thanks for visiting my site this year. I truly appreciate the support and I wish you and your family all the best in 2016.

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Anonymous said...


I do appreciate the work you do to make this site a daily stop for me.

I appreciate your tireless support for liberty.

Happy New Year,

Bryce Buchanan