Tuesday, March 01, 2016

COVER-UP: Review Of 22 TOP SECRET Clinton Emails May Not Be Done Before General Election

By The Masked Avenger

Today, The State Department Said That It Will Not Commit To Finishing Its Review Of Whether The 22 "Top Secret" Emails On Clinton's Server Were Classified At The Time They Were Sent Or Received Before The General Election More Than Eight Months Away.

THE ASSOCIATED PRESS'S MATT LEE: "He does have a point, maybe it shouldn't be driven by political deadlines so that the results of the review that the State Department is responsible for come out after the election but maybe it should be driven by wanting to get it out before the election. In fact, as soon as possible. Can you commit to getting the results of this review into the top secret into the classified the one that he's talking about before there is a general election in this country."

STATE DEPARTMENT SPOKESMAN JOHN KIRBY: "I'm not going to commit to a specific timeline. The secretary wants this review to be done thoroughly, and accurately and efficiently and he's not going to allow himself, or the process or the department to be driven by the political calendar on this. The argument that we should be ever mindful of that, and while I don't agree with the logic, I understand where you are coming from. The counter logic to that would be is that we are politicizing what needs to remain a completely apolitical process here. What the American people have a right to know is how these things were handled, and how the state department has met our obligations in terms of properly preparing these documents for their release. There are other agencies involved."

LEE: "Exactly, no one is questioning that. No one is saying that you or the FBI or DOJ or whoever else is doing all these reviews or investigations that they need to set a deadline, but the fact of the matter is that today is one of those deadlines in the electoral and political process and the judge in the FOIA case set deadlines, some of which you made some of which you didn't made. You made the last one, which was yesterday, and they're all out. So deadlines whether they are random, they exist. And they exist in the political calendar as well."

KIRBY: "Sure they do. I'm sure you've never missed a deadline either or should I call Wendy? Look, its one thing to meet a deadline for the distribution of these documents, which as you pointed out, sometimes we made it sometimes we didn't, and the judge was…"

LEE: "Not happy"

KIRBY: "Mandated and subsequent deadline process here for us. But in the case of investigations and reviews it is not always the case that reviews and investigations are given deadlines to be complete. Specifically, because you want investigators to have the leeway to look at things as deeply and as thoroughly as you need to."

LEE: "Which is understandable, but at the same time you have to deal with the reality of the year that we are in. Don't you? I mean presumably, the building, the people in this building who are voters, want to know all of the information they can before they go, they go into the voting booth, right?"

QUESTION: "So, if you were worried about being accused of politicizing this issue, you run a greater risk of doing that should you release the report after the election than you would if you did it before, that is an opinion, that's not a question…" (
State Department Press Briefing, 3/1/16)

Hat tip: BadBlue Real-Time News.

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