Sunday, May 07, 2017

GRIM MILESTONE: 48 Percent of Democrats Want Chelsea Clinton to Run

By Daniel Greenfield

Chelsea Clinton, the second Clinton nepotism candidate that no one asked for, is being positioned for a run. For something. Anything. 

The Morning Consult poll took a look at Chelsea's prospects of getting a job based on her last name. 48% of Dems (having learned nothing in 2016) want to see Chelsea run. Only 22% are opposed. 12% of Republicans are for while 74% of Republicans are opposed.

This must be why they call them the stupid party.

43% of Black and Latino voters want Hillary to run. But 47% of registered voters oppose such a movie. It's sad that Chelsea must suffer under the crushing burden of such racism.

A majority of people in all professions from government to blue collar, don't want Chelsea running for anything. That says it all.



Mike aka Proof said...

In other words, the Democrat Party is still a suicide pact!

Matthew W said...

100% of me wants her to run !!!

John said...

She needs some seasoning and foreign policy experience first; I understand that the position of Ambassador to Libya is open!