Tuesday, August 01, 2017

ABC NEWS: Please Don't Investigate All of Hillary’s Crimes, Hasn’t She Suffered Enough?

By Sara Noble

The Senate Judiciary Committee sent a letter to Attorney General Jeff Sessions this past week asking for an investigation into a number of Democrats including Hillary Clinton. ABC News says that Hillary lost the election and, therefore, should not be investigated.

That must be a new legal guideline. If they lose, they get away with whatever crimes they may have committed?

This is like saying a bank robber spent all the loot so there’s no point investigating or prosecuting.

The title of the ABC article is, ‘Clinton lost, but Republicans still want to investigate her’. Following is the first paragraph: Democrat Hillary Clinton lost the 2016 election to President Donald Trump, but some Republicans in Congress are intensifying their calls to investigate her and other Obama administration officials.

Republicans are the bad guys.

ABC made sure to mention the Russia probe, the fact that some Democrats have appeared before committees already, and that the investigations are GOP led.

Deep into the article, they went lightly into the unmasking accusations but made mention of Devin Nunes, who has uncovered the unmasking, having stepped back from the Russia probe.

Also included was a video interview of John Podesta, Hillary’s chief propagandist and a close associate of George Soros. He spent his time in the interview ripping apart Trump. He portrayed the President as chaotic and undisciplined while dissing the Congress.

Read more at Independent Sentinel.


Anonymous said...

What a sleaze, this Podestà is!

Anonymous said...

She hasn't suffered at all, so nowhere near enough, anymore than you have, Mr. Possesseda, ...yet.

GreatAmericanPatriot said...

To prevent future tampering with our elections we need to show how the dems conspired with Russia and close the clinton foundation and dissolve the corrupt party leaders and put people in jail for these crimes

John said...

He has it backwards, it is the winners that get the prize of immunity.

The losers get torn down and harried to death by the system.

To the winner goes the spoils, the loser enmeshed in its toils.

Unknown said...

Oh my gosh I think we need to get her a safe space some coloring crayons a stress relieving dog poor thing she has been robbing American blind for years give her the death penalty

Anonymous said...

The only way a Hillary investigation into her many crimes and seditious actions can end is if she hits the bucket.

Anonymous said...

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