Thursday, August 10, 2017

Larwyn's Linx: Mark Levin flays Mitch McConnell for whining about Trump

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Mark Levin flays Mitch McConnell for whining about Trump: Chris Pandolfo
Trump Slams McConnell After His ‘Excessive Expectations’ Remark: David Rutz
We Don’t See the Effort, Senator McConnell: EIB

McMasters "not aligned" - 'Poisonous Atmosphere' Grips NSC: DC
A Plea Bargain for Hillary?: Edward Klein
Judge won't dismiss Menendez charges before trial: Matt Friedman

Sanctuary cities, Rahm and power politics: John Kass
DHS: 23% of all federal prisoners are illegals: Paul Bedard
ICE Busts 36 Sex Offender Criminal Aliens in Sanctuary City: Bob Price

Is Trump Winning?: Robert Gore
Murders Continue to Escalate in Liberal Cities: Brent Smith
BLM, Spike Lee, and Colin Kaepernick Jointly Degenerate Into Total Farce: Dave Blount


An important lesson for young Americans. Socialism has destroyed Venezuela.: Heritage
College Offers Moonbat Workshop: Dave Blount
Regulation revolution: 'Historic' Trump cuts, 1/20th of Obama's deluge, $23B slashed: Paul Bedard

Scandal Central

A New Report Raises Big Questions About Last Year's DNC Hack (it was a LEAK): The Nation
Justice Officials Sent Talking Points to FBI on Lynch Tarmac Meeting With Bill Clinton: Susan Crabtree
The FBI raided former Trump campaign chairman Paul Manafort's Virginia home: Circa


On North Korea, NY Times Is Suddenly Concerned That Trump Made It About Himself: RWN
Google Board Gave Six Times More Money to Democrats Than Republicans: NB
Newly Unearthed CIA Memo: Media Are The "Principal Villains": ZH


GOP lawmaker: 'Quit electing' Dems for national security: Max Greenwood
U.S. and Guam Shielded From North Korean Missiles by High-Tech Defenses: Bill Gertz
Police paid convicted child rapist almost £10,000 to spy on "Asian" sex parties: Independent

Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue Tech News)

An artificial intelligence researcher reveals his greatest fears about the future of AI: Arend Hintze
Google builds new AI comment moderation system with New York Times, Guardian & Economist: Perspective
Google Censors Block Access to CounterPunch and Other Progressive Sites: Eric Sommer


Black Male prostitute dies of meth overdose at Hollywood home of high level Democrat donor: DailyMail
Euron Greyjoy's '1,000 ships' is a massive 'Game of Thrones' plot hole: Mashable
Who Put This Rabbit Hole Here?: MOTUS
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Anonymous said...

Congressman Hank Johnson has been dispatched to North Korea to warn the NORKS that Guam might capsize if attacked. We are awaiting developments.