Monday, August 14, 2017

Larwyn's Linx: Stop Lying, There Was Plenty of Leftist Violence in Charlottesville

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Stop Lying, There Was Plenty of Leftist Violence in Charlottesville: Daniel Greenfied
Remember When Obama Praised Violent Leftist Rioters?: Sara Noble
Some Uplifting News about Race in America: Dan Mitchell

White nationalists and black nationalists: John Ruberry
Charlottesville: Counter-Protestor Arrested, Punched Female Reporter: Mediate
Soros Group Ramps Up Lobbying Efforts in 2017: Joe Schoffstall

Conspiracy or Chaos?: Jim Quinn
McMaster makes it clear to all that he can’t work with Bannon: Paul Mirengoff
Leftists put Donald Trump’s head on a pike in Union Square NYC: Pacific

El Chapo: Inside the Hunt for Mexico's Most Notorious Kingpin: Paul Solotaroff
ACLU files suit alleging government deporting innocent gang bangers: AT
The Left’s War on Free Speech: Kimberley Strassel (04/2017)

ANTIFA to Incite Violence in Boston Next Week: TruthFeed
How Anti-White Rhetoric Is Fueling White Nationalism: David Marcus (05/23/2013)
Revisiting the Chicago Trump Rally (03/16/2016): D&P

Scandal Central

Reporter McKelway: Police Were Called Off When Violence Started: GWP
Who is Behind Police Decisions to Allow Facist Antifa Violence at Events Around US?: GWP
Rod Wheeler Suit Riddled With Contradictory Information: Elizabeth Vos

Climate, Energy & Regulations

$50 Million Dollar Massachusetts Renewable Energy Fraud: Eric Worrall
If You’re Into Identity Politics, Nothing Should Be More Important Than ‘Climate Change’ Or Something: RWN
Obama EPA Employees Earned Overtime Pay Without Justification: Elizabeth Harrington


What is 'Antifa'? And why is the media so reluctant to expose it?: Chris Pandolfo
Commie Jim Acosta Attacks Trump, Blaming Him for Deadly Events in Charlottesville: NB
Shocker: Tweet with fake picture of Trump with neo-Nazi goes viral (correction tweet unnoticed): Twitchy

How the Liberal Media Created Charlottesville: John Hawkins
Washington Post Decides To Make Potential Civil War In Venezuela All About Trump: RWN
The Media Lied About The Leaked Google Memo: Ian Miles Cheong


McMaster Rips Susan Rice for Suggesting U.S. ‘Tolerate’ Nuclear Weapons in North Korea: David Rutz
New Threats from Al Qaeda: Inspire 17 Magazine: TTB
France Reports 60 Percent Increase In Radicalization In Two Years: Jacob Bojesson

Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue Tech News)

Conservatives Must Regulate Google And All of Silicon Valley Into Submission: Kurt Schlichter
The Big Job Bias Lawsuit Against Google That Nobody Is Talking About: Steve Sailer
The Fundamental Limits of Machine Learning: Jesse Dunietz


Did the governor initially hold back law enforcement in Charlottesville? : Althouse
Out of the Past: Mark Steyn
10 Very Strange Facts About The August 21 Solar Eclipse That Will Absolutely Blow Your Mind: TMIN

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