Monday, October 16, 2017

Larwyn's Linx: Nearly Two Dozen GOP Congressmen Call For Mueller Hearings

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Nearly Two Dozen GOP Congressmen Call For Mueller Hearings: Alex Pfeiffer
Feds want to argue in secret why Comey memos should remain secret: Daniel Chaitin
Trump vs. the Republicans: Jeff Kuhner

End of the Gatekeepers: The Z Man
Good Will Hunting: Mark Steyn
Hillary Clinton: 'Sexism and Misogyny Are Endemic in Our Society': Pam Key

NY: Prominent Muslim Surgeon Arrested in Plot to Create 'Next 9/11’: Pamela Geller
ISIS Jihadi Explains Las Vegas Attack is “Cultural Penetration” by ISIS: Pamela Geller
Compilation Of Eye Witnesses Confirming Second Las Vegas Shooter: InfoWars

Deporting Illegal Aliens Is Persecution Or Something: William Teach
Obama ‘Dreamer’ Murders High School Girl: Trey Sanchez
Fans boo kneeling Saints players during tribute to fallen NOPD officer: Amos Morale III


Trump and the dismantling of Obama's legacy: AFP
Sorry Everybody, But Trump Hasn't Instigated The Obamacare Apocalypse: Avik Roy
Rand Paul: Trump Health Care Changes ‘Will Make the Consumer King’: Kathryn Blackhurst

Scandal Central

Gohmert on Wasserman Schultz-Awan IT Scandal: 'Hundreds of Potential Federal Charges Here': Breitbart
Clinton Foundation won't return cash from Harvey Weinstein: DailyMail
Corruption, Corruption and More Corruption: Paul Jacob

Climate, Energy & Regulations

Michael “Robust Debate” Mann To Write Book Telling Kids To Throw Tantrums: William Teach
PBS Airs Anti-Pruitt Documentary Funded By Environmentalist Group Backer: WFB
Uh Oh Al Gore, Sea Levels Are Falling All Around the Globe: Sara Noble


Red Dawn at The New York Times : Jonah Goldberg
Heckles for Hillary: Clinton faces boos, taunts in Britain — ‘Bernie would have won’: Kyle Olson
George Lopez 'booed off stage' at charity dinner for making anti-Trump jokes: DailyMail


North Korea Reportedly Preparing for Missile Launch Amid U.S. War Games: TFPP
Restored Prisoner’s Letter Uncovers Horrific Details of Life at Auschwitz Death Camp: George Dvorsky
Meet The 31-Year-Old Austrian Anti-Immigrant Who Just Became The World's Youngest Leader: ZH

Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue Tech News)

Russia reportedly stole NSA secrets with help of Kaspersky—what we know now: Dan Goodin
Israel hacked Kaspersky, then tipped the NSA that its tools had been breached: Ellen Nakashima
How Facebook Outs Sex Workers: Kashmir Hill


Couple celebrating anniversary found themselves next to an "active shooter" at the Bellagio: Intellihub
Dog stays behind with family's goats as California wildfire destroys property: Fox
Tipping Points: Sondrakistan

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