Thursday, January 11, 2018

A TIMELINE OF TREASON: How the DNC and FBI Leadership Tried to Fix a Presidential Election [Updated]

For your review:

Crowd-sourcing appeal: please point out any errors or omissions in the comments, along with source links.

As an aside, this appears to be the biggest political scandal in the history of the country. Never before has an outgoing administration attempted to fix a presidential election. It's like something out of a third world country. But then, Obama always admired dictators like Fidel Castro and Hugo Chavez.

Update: For those iPad users having problems viewing the timeline, please try this link.


  1. This looks like a spreadsheet. Is there a way to download it?

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    2. doesn't allow downloads - that option was turned off by whoever uploaded the file

    3. You can just copy the sheet by hand and paste into Excel and it should work fine.

    4. Yes - copy and paste. Highlight the text and paste it into Excel. Works fine.

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  4. Anonymous11:12 PM

    Nicely done! Thank-you.

  5. Bookdoc12:11 AM

    When is Congress going to stop investigating and start filing charges? I am not sure who they could use for arrests as the FBI is unlikely to cooperate and sessions just sits there.

    1. Congress can't file charges.
      It's up to Sessions or an SC if one is appointed.

    2. Anonymous2:00 AM

      A military tribunal can charge these people.

  6. This is nothing new to me. I run Pale Moon. It routinely gives me responses like this or hangs up loading conservative sites.


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    This timeline did not appear when I initially loaded the page. I got the "untrusted site" warning. I put up a comment, which showed up and then disappeared on reload. This is not an isolated incident here. Someone is hacking these sites and making them inaccessible.


  8. Anonymous8:35 AM

    Two previous attempts at posting a comment here have failed. Trying once more. It appears government servers aren't the only ones being hacked.


  9. @creeper - Try SRWare Iron - a chromium-based privacy browser (by a German dev team). E.G. - Chrome with all the spy bits ripped out.

  10. HI Doug. Great job.

    Would suggest that you select "wrap text" in Excel so you can narrow the columns and make them all visible.

    This may or may not merit inclusion, I'll note that the NY Times did a report on the email server which underwent a lot of changes on July 23, 2015. The original headline was "Criminal Inquiry Sought in Hillary Clinton’s Use of Emali." Then it was "Criminal Inquiry Is Sought in Clinton Email Account." Now it's "Inquiry Sought in Hillary Clinton’s Use of Email."

    More background here:

    Would be interested in knowning who was really behind the complaints about the Times story.

  11. Choose Paste Special > HTML in Excel to get the formatting

  12. Won't load on my iPad. Any one know how to correct this?

  13. Anonymous11:11 PM

    This information is very poorly presented. An embedded excel spreadsheet? Seriously? It doesn't even display on one screen, and what if you're on mobile?

    Do this again, properly this time. Don't just dump info from a spreadsheet you were working on.

  14. Anonymous9:44 AM

    This person put a lot work into this. Make a contribution or be quiet.

    Also the creator of it should also be looking at Robbie Mook's first claim the DNC and Podesta were "hacked" by Russians.
    Also please add Julian Assange's assertions that DNC and Podesta weren't hacked but stolen from. And that no state actors were involved. And that DNC refused to hand over server to FBI.

  15. Anonymous10:33 AM

    The date for the Donald Trump Jr. meeting with the Russian attorney at Trump Tower is wrong and needs to be corrected. You have it listed as 09/09/2016. It should be 06/09/2016. Look at the reference article from July 8, 2016 you list --- occurred on June 9, 2016. Very important regarding the timeline.

  16. Doug Ross,

    Please add that Assistant AG for National Security John P Carlin resigned from office the end of September and left two weeks later.

    He was responsible for approving all FISA warrant requests.

    I believe also Strzok would have served under him in the counter intelligence unit.

    Finally, at one time he was Mueller's chief of staff.

  17. Also, the reports are mid October there was second FISA warrant request that was approved.

  18. Thanks for the builds guys. I've added a bunch of the items mentioned.

    Keep 'em coming.

    1. Anonymous10:41 AM

      Shocking to see all of this compiled into a cohesive spreadsheet, and I respect all the work you did to bring this to us, a nation of Patriots are grateful to you! While we've all heard these headlines over the past 18-months, it's bone-chilling to follow all of them in a single sheet and be able to follow their respective sources!

      Extremely well done!

    2. Anonymous7:41 AM

      Mark Levin was talking about doing this kind of research in his show last night 1/11/18. I can't wait to hear the podcast for the show

  19. Anonymous1:04 PM

    Ron in Ohio Sez:

    The inability by some to open this is undoubtedly caused by "BOOGER" (OK - Blogger). I have had numerous problems with Booger's selective access. I have notified many of my daily visited blogs and most already knew of Booger doing this. A few changed and the problems ceased.

    However, I use both Mozilla Firefox and Pale Moon and whenever I have a problem with one I go to the other to see what the problem is. I had my usual hang-ups and unnecessary delay while opening this posting as I always do with Mozilla opening most everything on this site because of Booger. But, it finally opened.

    With Pale Moon it would not initially open. I had to click the "Try Again" button and it finally opened.

    Makes me wonder why Booger does this. Can it be that their tracking a person's Internet address takes a little more time before they allow access to an "undesirable" posting?

  20. Anonymous11:43 PM

    Hillary Clinton had SAP documents on her unsecured server and the State Department knew about unsecured server as early as 2011.

    "But the biggest problem may be in a just-released email that has gotten little attention here, but plenty on the other side of the world. An email to Ms. Clinton from a close Clinton confidant late on June 8, 2011 about Sudan turns out to have explosive material in it. This message includes a detailed intelligence report from Sid Blumenthal, Hillary’s close friend, confidant and factotum, who regularly supplied her with information from his private intelligence service. His usual source was Tyler Drumheller, a former CIA senior official and veteran spy-gadfly, who conveniently died just before EmailGate became a serious problem for Hillary’s campaign."

  21. Seth Rich's death should be in the timeline. As the one who most likely hacked the DNC server, his coming forward would have destroyed the "insurance policy".

  22. How does one copy the actual sheet data - I only get the frame headers...

  23. Anonymous3:36 AM

    Great work, Doug.
    Paste Special > HTML in Excel works perfectly.
    Users can easily wrap center, align text themselves.

    This timeline resource should be updated as info comes in and have a sticky link on the site. It's super important.

  24. Anonymous6:55 AM

    The nyt article in Jan 2017 that profiles the surveillance of Trump tower that Mark Levin referenced

  25. Great accumulation. Somewhat related would be to show the dates when Hillary’s excuses evolved from “no classified information on server”, to “didn’t send or receive classified information”, to “didn’t send or receive information that was classified at the time”’ to finally, “didn’t send or receive any information that was marked as classified”.

  26. Anonymous6:17 PM

    Bruce Ohr no show to Congress 12-18-17

  27. According to Tablet, the Reid letter to Comey was on August 29 (or it may be a separate letter from the Carter Page letter you ID'd):

    Tablet says Reid claimed that the threat of Russian interference "is more extensive than is widely known and may include the intent to falsify official election results."

    There's also this from Tablet:

    "By August 2016 the CIA had verified the key finding of the dossier to the point that, as The Washington Post revealed, it was “having ‘eyes only’ top secret meetings with Obama about it.”"

    That's stronger than an implication in your 8/10/16 entry, but ,,, I don't think the Tablet post has a link to WashPost, and I couldn't find a related article in a search at WashPost's website.

    Tom Blumer

  28. Anonymous11:20 PM

    Extraordinary work. Very well done. Please ignore the whiners and complainers: this precise timeline approach, with accounts from multiple sources, is the one and only way to show relationships of events that otherwise are impossible to see. You have done an outstanding job, and a very valuable service for the American people.

  29. Don't forget, email dated Friday, June 17, 2011, 08:21AM, from to (James Jacob Sullivan), ordering her staff to "turn into nonpaper w no identifying heading and send nonsecure" if they couldn't send the classified official emails via secure fax hardcopy.


    Natasha Bertrand Mar. 26, 2017, 11:14 AM

    A timeline of events that unfolded during the election appears to support the FBI's investigation into Trump and Russia

    Here is a Business Insider Timeline to compare notes with.

  31. I couldn't read the spread sheet in my browser, so I reformatted for my blog. Citing this source of course, because you've put a lot of effort into this. I've checked most of the urls and they seem to work. Thank you, so much.

  32. Anonymous10:55 AM

    References to the Clinton e-mails being "hacked" or "stolen" are incorrect, as HOW those e-mails were acquired for public distribution is still a matter for conjecture.

    The technological evidence strongly infers it was a physical impossibility those e-mails were hacked, due to the time required to download from the hacked source. This impossibility indicates the acquisition or release of Clinton e-mails may have been an "inside job" by a tech source inside the Clinton loop, with the likely source being the late Seth Rich!

    As there is conflicting evidence or lack of definitive proof, the use in the 3/19/16 and 7/22/16 of "hackers" or stolen e-mails; inferring definitively that "outside sources"---hackers or thieves---acted to secure/release those e-mails, is incorrect!

  33. Farrier11:40 AM

    Doug Ross--Your timeline is off about when Crowdstrike filed its final report on the alleged hack. Frankly I think Crowdstrike took everything and gave it to Comey on a thumbdrive. It is dated JUNE 15, 2016. Crowdstrike did nothing to stop any kind of alleged hack for nearly 40 days, just watching data flow out of the network. That was an admission against Crowdstrike's own interests as not containing a hack by disconnecting compromised machines from the Internet is not following Best Practices when responding to a hack.

  34. Anonymous11:42 AM

    You can copy the timeline by copying and pasting to Word, which reproduces Mr. Ross' links. This was a job well done.

  35. Anonymous12:36 PM

    April 19, 2016. Mary Jacoby visits the White House.

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  37. The following association should be changed to the link added below. That link directs the reader to the pertinent information.

    09/15/16 FISA Court approves FBI request for surveillance of Trump campaign based upon Russian "Dossier" DC

  38. Anonymous8:46 PM

    Hi Doug, great work! Thanks so much. Here are a couple of events for you to consider:

    (1) Deputy AG Sally Yates presented the first attempt to obtain a FISA warrant in Early Summer 2016, and this was rejected by the FISA judge who suspected that the DOJ was not being candid as to the real reason to monitor communications between a server in Trump Tower and foreign banks. Source: Ed Klein's book The Plot to Destroy Trump, page 474

    (2) The DOJ, FBI and NSA teams went back to a FISA judge on Oct 15, 2016, armed with surveillance data they had obtained through FISA Section 702, where they had (illegally) unmasked Trump associates, including Carter Page. where they charged that Page was acting as a Trump emissary to the Kremlin. The judge did not catch on to the defects in the application to the court and he granted the warrants Source: Ed Klein's book The Plot to Destroy Trump, page 928

  39. Anonymous2:20 AM

    Don't forget to add Julian's reward for information on Seth Rich.

  40. Anonymous11:35 AM

    Excellent work!

  41. You left out some important stuff esp 5/3/2017 Comey testimony Senate

    5 3 2017 @ .37 mins into May 3 2017 Senate interviews Comey. Feinstein asks for justification of the re-opening of the clinton email investigation as was done by Comey on 10/28 after his staff told him (on 10/27) about the emails on Weiner laptop.(NYPD had searched the computer re Weiner case)

    5/3/2017 senate testimony video CSPAN:

    According to Comey there are "thousands", (at other points in his testimony Refers to"hundreds and thousands" and "thousands at thousands") which are pertinent to the investigation. Because there are so many he is convinced that a review cannot be completed prior to the election. Now he renders his dramatic 2Door metaphor : his has two options door 1 Conceal and door 2 Speak

    Being honorable he chooses speak despite the thought of influencing the election makes him nauseous.

    [Also in his answer to Sen F he mentions getting a search warrant 3 times. In her response she says there was no search warrant issued(?]

    So his justification for re-opening is the volume of emails. FBI subsequently issues a correction his numbers as he vastly overstated them. This undermines his whole reason.

    Miraculously working 24/7 his heroic staff completes the work before the election and he again closes the investigation on Nov 6.

    5/9/2017 I believe the errors were revealed earlier but the official letter from FBI is 5/9, the same day as Comey fired.

    Also see Harvard Univ timeline of election:

    1//11/2017Dossier published by Buzzfeed

  42. GREAT WORK !! I would make one minor change:

    3/19/16 -- Server was NOT HACKED.

    In August, 2017, seventeen (17) ex-NSA / CIA / IBM / and Military experts signed an Affidavit, confirming the DNC was not hacked. See link below.

    The experts examined the DNC server metadata and determined that the entire DNC catalog was DOWNLOADED IN 87 SECONDS. They said no internet connection on the planet has/had that kind of speed.

    This means 80% of the Russian Narrative is a steaming pile of crap. The other 20% is the bogus FOIA warrant.

    Here's the link ... See 17 names at the bottom of the article. Affidavit was sent to DOJ and WH:

  43. Maybe add 10/7/2016

    Access Hollywood and Podesta wikileaks

  44. Anonymous2:49 PM

    Bernie buys his new house on the lake.

  45. Anonymous2:55 PM

    Great resource! Thanks,

  46. Anonymous9:09 PM

    Anyone able to copy paste it into excel and have it preserve the rows and columns? for me it just all goes into one column,.

  47. Anonymous9:38 PM

    Thanks for doing this. Please note the following dates and articles. This pertains to how early journalists knew about the dossier, and who knew. For your consideration:

    Chalupa emailing about contact with Isikoff/Yahoo (she is the one who got the phishing emails)
    "I invited Michael Isikoff whom I've been working with for the past few weeks and connected him to the Ukrainians. More offline tomorrow since there is a big Trump component you and Lauren need to be aware of" - Chalupa

    June 14th 2016 - WaPo first to break the reference to "Oppo" research that I could find
    NYT, CNN, others picked up the story that day, all noting that WaPo was first
    NYT was the first that I could find that used the term "dossier"

    Sep 23 2016 - Isikoff / Yahoo runs a story which details the contents of the dossier.
    "U.S. intel officials probe ties between Trump adviser and Kremlin."
    Can't find that article but here is a reference

    There's more. Thanks again.
    Glad to see you found Dilanian connection. spook?

  48. Anonymous11:30 PM

    Podesta Panama papers link should be mentioned. Podesta group lobbied for Russia's largest bank, sberbank. It's relevant. Podesta group was registered as lobbist for sberbank, which has close ties to Putin. Tony podesta, Stephen rademaker, and David Adams where the podesta staffers registered. Note that David and Stephen were both former assistant secretaries of states.

  49. Anonymous12:58 AM

    12/21/2015 The Hill's Brent Budowsky advises Clinton campaign chairman John Podesta via email:

    "Best approach is to slaughter Donald for his bromance with Putin, but not go too far betting on Putin re Syria. Brent"


  50. Anonymous2:03 AM

    I don't have link at the moment but Stone Tear username posted on reddit asking how to delete HRC email.


  51. Wash Post on StoneTear (Combetta) at Platte River Networks trying to remove VIP's name from email Tos/Froms

  52. Add the names and dates FBI gave immunity to various Clinton operatives

  53. Anonymous8:59 AM

    I don't know for sure, but wasn't there a time when the Trump campaign moved out of Trump tower right after meeting with someone who would have had knowledge of the spying?

  54. Anonymous2:08 PM

    Rep Steven Smith lists key dates when FBI knew about classified info on Clinton server and he includes the supporting documentation in his tweet Dec 19, 2017

  55. Anonymous2:23 PM

    Keep in mind that the FBI had a Datto backup of Hillary's email on Oct 3, 2015, two months after they first seized the initial emails. And we've heard that the FBI never reviewed the Datto backup, a cloud server which should have been a complete copy of all of Hillary's emails

  56. Anonymous2:27 PM

    12/22/17 -
    Rep. Gaetz tells Fox News that Congress has email evidence that Andrew McCabe said Hillary was going to get a "HQ Special". Presumably meaning special treatment of her investigation by a handpicked team at FBI Headquarters, that we now know included Peter Strzok.

  57. Anonymous11:56 AM

    Did I miss where/when Rogers (NSA) went to NYC to Brief PDT at Trump Tower (apparently without consent of Brennan and Clapper who later wanted Obama to fire Rogers, which also should be on the timeline). The next day PDT moved transition team to private NJ location, seemingly in response to heads-up that he was being "tapped". To me this is an important insight into the Deep State machinations.

  58. If I remember correctly, I think it was the NYPD that seized Weiner's laptop while investigating the underage sexting, and later gave it to the FBI after NYPD discovered all the Huma emails containing some classified into.

  59. Anonymous8:17 AM

    I don't know if the following have been mentioned.
    Hillary in the debate saying *17 Agencies* signed off on Russian hacking. New York Times issued a statement they lied. Clapper verified under oath it was a few selected persons.

    Two of Hillary's campaign staff boarding a golf cart during the convention and spreading the news to journalist that Russia had hacked the emails.

    Report ordered by Obama on hacking, completed in 30 days offered no concrete evidence to prove Russia hacked. Resulting santions were very unusual for an outgoing President.

    Flynn's conversation with Ambassador was determined not to be a violation of Logan Act.

    Sessions meeting wit Russian players determined recently to be in the scope of his position and not illegal.

    I have many others.

  60. Date of Obama broadening access to confidential info.

  61. Anonymous6:55 PM

    Great work product. Please keep at it. What did Mrs. McCabe spend that $700K that was given to her by McCauliff (sp?P

  62. Anonymous6:15 PM

    We have a timeline of just the email investigation.


  63. Minor adjustment needed here >>> "NBC's Dilanian, believed to be a Fusion GPS flack, misreports on Trump Jr.'s 6/9 meeting with Russian lawyer Veselnitskaya."

    NBC reported that on Sept. 1, 2017 -- not Sept. 1 of 2016.

  64. per the Free Beacon, McCabe's wife received not just $700k, but a total of $1,600,000.00 from Clinton, Inc.--from MacAuliffe, his state party, Clinton bundlers and Hillary staffers.

    That said, McCabe would have fixed the case for free. Or in hopes of becoming the next FBI Director at the new Seth Rich Memorial Justice Building.

  65. McCain flew to Halifax International Security Conference on the 18th of Nov. He approached Andrew Wood about a copy of dossier. Wood did not have one but arranged for McCain to talk to Steel. David Kramer flew to Heathrow on Nov. 28 to meet with Steel. The meeting was to be in the baggage claim with a man who would be reading the Financial Times [Pink Paper] Kramer returned morning of the 29th to Dulles. McCain went on December 9th to Comey. Comey already had a copy. McCain was also involved with Wood on Ukraine. It appears to me that there may be a connection to Vicky Nuland and other neocons. How that plays in the total of the mess is not clear but it is there. Nuland now works at Albright.

  66. Anonymous4:44 PM

    Sadly, I can’t see the spread sheet on my iPad or iMac. Is there any other way? The sheet loads for half a second then goes blank.....I’ve tried everything.

  67. For those having issues with iPads, please try this link:


  68. ann crickmer, MSW9:10 PM

    anncrickmer, msw
    Extradordinarily well done - saved me oodles of time. However, I cannot get it to download so I could print it to study hardcopy. I have a mac and have tried it on Chrome, Safari and Firefox. Also, I can highlight it all but it will not paste into Word.
    Thanks again for all your work. We will do this together.

  69. Great job.

    I think this guccifer April 2016 story needs to be integrated into the timeline, esp given Maggie Haberman's stupid Papadopoulos story tonight at the NYT:

    Tom Blumer

  70. Oops. Gateway Pundit says that the NYT story is by SHARON LaFRANIERE, MARK MAZZETTI and MATT APUZZO.

  71. Anonymous4:12 AM

    There are several claims by ANONs at 4chan to have been the originators of the hooker narrative. Unfortunately, due to the layout of the anonymous image board, those posts disappear if they are not specifically archived. While the original troll scheme wasn't archived, foreknowledge before the actual election WAS. On November 1st 2016 the details of the hooker hotel fanfiction were discussed and archived. The reference posts about the sextape orgy troll can be found here That is possibly first public specific details of the "salacious" nature.
    It is extremely important to note that the original troll occurred prior to Jeb Bush calling it quits on 2/20/2016. (they claim Jan2016)

    Other Items of interest should definitely be included in the Timeline:

    The Date of Manafort's Firing
    The Date of Admiral Rogers secret meeting at Trump Tower
    The Date of Mueller's secret meeting with Trump just prior to Mueller being named special council

    There is also an error that should be corrected
    The 14 hour White House Meeting with Simpson's wife took place on the 19th of April 2016, not the 9th.

    Another rumor is Rogers also secretly contacted Trump right before Manafort was canned, If true that might be the earliest date that Trump became aware of a secret dossier plot and the liability Manafort carried.

  72. anna-mary crickmer7:51 PM

    I'll list several other items - I am surprised you list mostly MSN sources. Sundance has been a godsend.
    Several examples only: I have a hard copy back to at least 9/16 when it was obvious Hillary had a degenerative neurological condition (quite possibly Parkinson's). As a social worker I worked with neurological illness for 12 years, so know whereof I speak.

    o's money laundering scheme. Tucker Carlson. in summer of 2015 Hillary moved the NC bank account to Amalgamated Bank in NY.
    o in 2015 Sally Yates replied to DOJ OIG "they could not investigate the National Security Division of DOJ."
    o above source "DOJ tells FISC they have been breaking the law and inform the court they have been using FISA app to spy on political opposition for six years prior to 7/16.

    As I say I have hard copy and can check other facts if needed.
    I have also been meaning to collect a list of citations for felonies as they have mounted up.

  73. Anonymous4:18 AM

    1/21/2009: Clinton sworn in as Sec State. Source:

    Be interesting to fill in this timeline as to all known actions to set up the server from the time of her swearing in as Sec State until Datto hired.

  74. Doug,great job. Ignore some of the negative comments appearing here. Word is, even the 10 Commandments needed a remake.

  75. I wrote the only bio of Harry Reid corruption "Harry: Money, Mob and Influence". Reid is tied at the hip to John Podesta (through Clean Energy Project), and all (Hillary, DNC, Reid, Podestas, Senate Majority PAC) are tied to Marc Elias, the lawyer/bagman.

    Thus the area around 8/24/16 is critical to establishing a greater corruption scandal, because not only does Reid send Comey a letter regarding Russia, but John Podesta also is on record visiting Fusion GPS in this time period.

    Tony Podesta and Manafort had worked together on Ukraine stuff and John was up to his neck with the Russians through Joule Unlimited. Thus adding and pinning down the date for John Podesta's visit to Fusion GPS is critical. All the Dem dirty tricksters were acting in collusion. I'll try to send a link.

  76. Anonymous10:09 AM

    “The mainstream media has seized upon the FISA-approval process to refute Trump’s allegation, stating that the president does not approve FISA applications and therefore that Trump is not only wrong, but stupid and ignorant. This conveniently ignores the fact that the previous attorney general, Loretta Lynch, could have ordered the surveillance either at Obama’s explicit direction, or, more likely, with his tacit approval.”

    “It is a matter of public record that in his final days, Obama relaxed longstanding National Security Agency rules so intelligence could be widely shared within the government before applying privacy protections. What was the purpose of this order if not to assist government employees hostile to the incoming administration in leaking material that portrayed Trump in a negative light?"

    “the Obama administration had a history of improperly using FISA-authorized surveillance on their domestic political enemies.”

    Documents Reveal Loretta Lynch Used Alias Email Account In Tarmac Meeting Communications - 8/7/17
    “New documents disclosed to the American Center for Law and Justice and Judicial Watch show that while she was Attorney General, Loretta Lynch used an email account with an alias name to conduct official government business. Among that business was press coordination regarding the tarmac meeting with Bill Clinton.”

    Lynch used the alias Elizabeth Carlisle, interesting to note other Obama officials used an alias (Holder’s alias was Lew Alcindor)

  77. Anonymous1:18 PM

    Crowdstrike was examining the DNC server for other security problems BEFORE (Dec 15 -
    Apr. 16) Perkins Coie hired them to solve the "Russia hack." Perkins Coie was involved then too.


    4/29/16 DNC declines to release CrowdStrike report on Bernie/DNC hack.

    4/29/16 DNC meets M. Sussman, of Perkins Coie. Sussman calls CrowdStrike on May 4; by May 5 CrowdStrike had installed its software to find hack. Sources:

    5/17/16: Marc Elias & "consultant" warn DNC re email language:

    5/8/16 - Clapper tells a conference that "officials had seen signs of attempted cyberattacks on 2016 presidential campaigns."

  78. Anonymous1:29 PM

    Was Obama for America ("OFA") hacked, too? Did OFA make an insurance claim for such a hack?

    OFA paid Perkins Coie (i) a bunch of money in April of 2016, followed by (ii) multiple checks adding up to over $700,000 on September 29, 2016. What has not been reported is that also on September 29, 2016, Obama for America received a $500,000 insurance payment.

    OFA's FEC records show that along with the April and September payments to Perkins Coie, OFA also spent a lot of $$ on IT support. The timing and payees suggests that when the DNC began its hack investigation (guided by Perkins Coie), perhaps OFA did the same - also relying upon Perkins Coie. If so, the law firm and IT vendors continued working on or monitoring it while the whole Wikileaks thing was going on, and allowed their monthly bills to pile while OFA sought coverage from its insurer. Then the insurance money arrived on September 29, and OFA caught up on its bills. Just a theory, but one based on publicly-available FEC records ...

  79. Anonymous1:49 PM

    July 1, 2016

    Senator Grassley sends letter to FBI/Comey, stating concern about FBI agents assigned to Clinton email case being forced to sign a secret non-disclosure agreement, which prevents them from sharing info under the Whistle Blower Act.

  80. Anonymous1:57 PM

    01/03/18 - James Clapper admits he never heard of Papadopoulos while he was the head of the US Intel for the Obama Administration

  81. Anonymous6:13 PM

    Nice job. But I can't help thinking that this is the job of the American media. To root out corruption, even if it's Democrats. The media lose. The bloggers and objective conservative sites win. And America wins when light is shone into dark places.

  82. Adding to the timeline:

    Mark Levin exposed this, a series of news articles, to the public on March 5th or sooner:

  83. Anonymous10:07 PM

    1/4/18 - Judicial Watch receives confirmation from head of FBI's FOIA department that all 7 of Comey memos regarding conversations with Trump, some of which he leaked to the NYT via a friend after he was fired, were deemed to be Classified. Date of leak is approx. 6/15/17.

    See Fox News Lou Dobbs announcement starting @4:26

  84. Anonymous1:04 AM

    09/15/16 - "Russian contact Boris Epshteyn" is inaccurate.

    I don't know if Mr. Epshteyn still holds Russian citizenship, but he's almost certainly an American by now. He's been here since he was about eleven years old.

    Perhaps "Russian-American", "American of Russian descent", "Russian-born American"
    or just plain "American".

    "Epshteyn was born in 1982 in Moscow, Soviet Union, the son of Anna Shulkina and Aleksandr Epshteyn. His family is Russian Jewish.[2] In 1993, he immigrated with his family to Plainsboro Township, New Jersey."

    Ironically, VodkaGate (vodka=little water) will turn out to be much bigger than WaterGate.

    Uranium One, nine-figure donations to the CGI, Bill's outlandish speaking fees, and the fictional Steele dossier are the real Vodkagate.

  85. Anonymous10:35 AM

    7/20/15 (five days after the opening of the Clinton email investigation), Sally Yates issues a directive to block the Inspector General access to certain counter intel files, including surveillance.

  86. Anonymous10:49 AM

    1/5/18 - NSA Director Mike Rogers announces to staff his intention to resign. This would free him up to testify in any future investigations.

  87. Trico Lorro Suggestion, be more specific in the Title: A TIMELINE OF TREASON: How the DNC and FBI Leadership Tried to Fix the 2016 Presidential Election [Updated]

  88. Anonymous9:10 PM

    Finally found that Isikoff article

  89. " How the DNC and FBI Leadership Tried to Fix a Presidential Election [Updated]"

    Thank you for your tireless work. You are a true patriot in a land of traitors and their defenders.

    I would title this, "How the Clinton Campaign, DNC and FBI Leadership Tried to Fix a Presidential Election [Updated]"

    Billary is the chieftist of traitors.

  90. Anonymous11:50 PM

    Hi Doug two MASSIVE items for your timeline...both re Robert Mueller.

    APRIL 25, 2017: Rod Rosenstein is approved by the Senate. 94-6. Nominated by Trump.

    MAY 9, 2017: after only two weeks on the job...Rod Rosenstein recommends the firing of James Comey, FBI Director.

    MAY 16, 2017: Mueller comes to the White House and meets privately with Trump. The MSM simply report Mueller came to "interview for the vacant FBI Director position" after Comey was fired. Excuse me? Mueller had served his Term Limits for this job -

    Mueller knows that. Trump knows that...this meeting was NOT ABOUT the vacant FBI Director position.

  91. Anonymous6:31 AM

    Between the 8/10/16 Post Story and this 8/15/16 NYT Manafort piece...Mike Rogers secretly contacts Trump and tips him off about the wiretapping and dossier and secret FISA warrant on Manafort's phone(since 2014) and the Trump Campaign moles. http://www

    8/14/16 Trump leaks the facts of Paul Manafort’s criminality to the New York Times and then promptly fires him.

  92. Anonymous9:12 PM

    By using their connections, power, and influence the Clinton Crime Syndicate conspired to take down good people and America. Instead, they exposed those we thought as good, to be bad. Clintons are so evil they were able to turn their connections into accomplices at the highest levels of government. Good thing the media are in bed with the Clintons or this could get ugly.

  93. Two things I believe should be added to the timeline which I feel implicates Obama irritating the Russians. 1. We overstayed the short term nature of NATO maneuvers 19Jan2017 in response to Russia's grab of Crimea inflaming the irritation as the election was nearing. 2. Obama kicks the Russians 30Dec2017 out because of hacking.

    There are probably better validating sites for these observations, but for me, they were the most critical component of Obama leaving one horrific mess to deal with.

  94. Bookdoc12:21 AM

    I will have trouble believing they will go after the real criminals until I see that obozo, the hildebeast, lynche, holder, and their closest aides suddenly go "on vacation" to non-extradition countries.

  95. Anonymous1:12 PM

    Excellent work, thank you.

  96. Fabulous timeline. I tried to find the Oct 26, 2017 change in NSA policy to stop all about queries for the FISC and didn't see it. I think this is important to add as you do reference the article that speaks to this:

    In addition, what is on p. 83 referenced in the above should be included: Pg 83. “FBI gave raw Section 702–acquired information to a private entity that was not a federal agency and whose personnel were not sufficiently supervised by a federal agency for compliance minimization procedures.”

  97. Anonymous12:47 PM

    You are missing the timeline when Papadopoulos talked to the Aussies ( prior to first denied FISA warrant ) and when the Aussies talked to the US (after first denied FISA warrant).

  98. Anonymous8:18 AM

    Here are a few things I think could/should be added to the timeline:

    - On June 29 2016, 'eMcMullin' registers a domain,, for 'Trump Orgainzation' (note mispelling) in Florida. This is the server--continually misreported as being in Trump Tower but actually located at a datacenter in Pennsylvania--that supposedly contacted Alfa Bank in Russia. The alleged communication between the two seems to have been a crucial component of the successful FISA warrant application in October. There is substantial evidence that the DNS logs adduced therein were falsified. (Additionally, some have speculated that the registering agent is connected to NeverTrumper CIA agent/spoiler candidate Evan McMullin.)

    - On July 6 2016, 'Guccifer 2.0,' after releasing files he supposedly got by hacking the DNC computers, claims to be working with Trump. All evidence points to Guccifer 2.0's being a creation of the DNC. A comprehensive resource on Guccifer 2.0 is at

    - On July 26 2016, Edward Snowden dismisses the idea that Russia hacked the DNC, noting that if that were the case the NSA would have clear evidence.

    - On October 5 2016, Russian Yevgeniy Nikulin is arrested in Prague for hacking into US-based companies LinkedIn and Dropbox.

    - On October 21 2016, President Barack Obama says it's "impossible to hack the election," dismissing Donald Trump's suggesting such a possibility.

    - On October 31 2016, at 6:44 PM, John Podesta tweets that computer scientists discovered Trump's 'covert server.'

    - On November 14 2016, according to Yevgeniy Nikulin, the FBI tried to bribe him into confessing to hacking the DNC servers on behalf of Donald Trump, offering him refuge in the United States and millions of dollars. (I seem to remember that Guccifer--the first one--also alleged that the FBI bribed him to confess to the DNC hack, but can't find the source.)

    - On November 16 2016, the United States formally requests extradition of Nikulin from the Czech Republic.

    - By November 24 2016, mainstream news organizations are reporting allegations that Nikulin is at the center of Russia's interference in the election.

    - On December 13 2016, in an appearance on The Daily Show, President Barack Obama states that "Russia did not hack the election."

    - On March 9 2017, CNN reports that the FBI is still investigating the Trump server-Alfa bank connection.

    - On March 9 2017, the contact information for is changed to ''.

  99. Anonymous8:39 AM

    I have read the WP article you linked to and even after additional research can not find any verification that Papadopoulos worked at State Dept. Even his ridiculously inflated LinkedIn profile doesn’t claim that he did.

  100. Anonymous10:30 AM

    If you are still updating this spreadsheet could you put a date for the last update so we know there are changes made?

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  102. Anonymous10:54 AM

    If you have Excel 2016, you can use Paste, Refreshable Web Query ...
    Copy it all first. Ignore any script errors.