Wednesday, January 24, 2018

Larwyn's Linx: Don't be confused: these people are going to deconstruct, then rebuild, the DOJ

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These people are going to deconstruct, then rebuild, the DOJ: TheLastRefuge
Why Mueller Can't Avoid Charging Comey With Theft of Classified Information: D&S
Levin: Mueller probe has become a ‘silent coup’ against POTUS: CR

FBI's Strzok allegedly dismissed Mueller probe: 'no big there there': Fox
‘Blackmail’: FBI Fears ‘Foreign Actors’ May Have Hacked Strzok’s Unsecured Phone: GWP
FBI Director Chris Wray replaces James Rybicki, Comey-era chief of staff: Alex Pappas

Why FBI's 'missing' five months of texts is worse than Watergate: Richard Manning
Levin on 50k Exchanged Texts: Worse Than Watergate's 18-Minute Gap: ‘Damning’: CNS
FBI text messages lost due to ‘misconfiguration’ perplex security analysts: Jeff Mordock

Trump to 'Cryin' Chuck Schumer: 'If there is no Wall, there is no DACA': Naomi Lim
Watch: Dreamers just storm Schumer's house in NYC demanding amnesty: Penny Starr
Justices can put a leash on America's Inspector Javert: Eric Peters


Verizon Expects $4 Billion Boost From Tax Cuts: Scott Moritz
Top Half of Taxpayers Paid 97% of Income Taxes Collected in 2015: Ali Meyer
The decline and fall of General Electric, the poster child of Obamanomics: Timothy P. Carney

Scandal Central

Evidence suggests a massive scandal is brewing at the FBI: Michael Goodwin
Strzok-Page texts missing, as 'secret society' details emerge: Samuel Chamberlain
Sessions Meets with Mueller's Investigators While Launching Probe to Find Missing Texts: Ian Mason


NeverTrumpers face vexing question: What to make of Trump successes?: Byron York
NBC Admits To Spreading North Korean Propaganda – They Treat Us With Respect: TPI
Gorka: ‘How Does Strzok Afford Expensive DC Lawyer on FBI Salary?’: GWP


Pentagon Denies Chinese Warship Drove U.S. Destroyer From S. China Sea: Bill Gertz
Is Putin about to use Russian S-400 missiles to push the US out of Syria?: Tom Rogan
More than 100 UN peacekeepers ran a child sex ring in Haiti. None were ever jailed: The Star

Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue Tech News)

Facebook seeks to redefine time with 'flicks': Stephen Shankland
The dangerous evolution of HIV: Edsel Salvaña
Physical Bitcoins: Our Hands-On, End-to-End Review of Opendime: Giulio Prisco


Hang ‘Em High: MOTUS
Comey pressed for anti-Trump dossier in classified Russia report, sources say: Fox (5/5/17)
Source: Twitter Pins #ReleaseTheMemo on Republicans, Not Russia: Beast

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